Auckland a world-class city? Fat chance

(as dictated to Mrs Grumble)

Gotta say Alf’s colleague Wayne Mapp deserves some brownie points for enthusiasm.

In a press release from his office today, he is banging on about the passage yesterday of the Local Government (Auckland Council) Bill.

Fully implemented, it will help deliver on National’s commitment to making Auckland a world-class city. We will get better value for our rates, and community control of what matters in our neighbourhoods.


Alf reckons it’s fair enough for Mapp to anticipate better value for rates.

But he’s highly sceptical that anything could turn Auckland into a world-class city, including a miracle.

Auckland can’t be turned into anything much, no matter how you reform its goverance, he reckons. At least, nothing worth admiring.

He puts his money on Eketahuna becoming a world-class city long before Auckland makes the grade, and he fully appreciates that the chances of Eketahuna becoming a city, let alone a world-class one, are less than zero.

Mind you, if John Banks’ ambition is realised, Auckland could become a city with a world-class loudmouth as its mayor.

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