Chronicle is sticking to Wanganui – for now

(as dictated to Mrs Grumble)

Dunno who they think they are trying to fool at the Wanganui Chronicle.

Its editor is telling the world his newspaper has proudly served Wanganui and the wider region for exactly 153 years.

Editor Kim Gillespie says despite the New Zealand Geographic Board’s recommendation today that the name of the city be changed, there are no current plans to change the name of the newspaper.

But that’s not a permanent position.

It’s a holding one, because

…if the Government decides to ratify the board’s recommendation and rename Wanganui, the newspaper would consider incorporating the H into the masthead.

An interesting use of the capital “H”. Does this mean it might become the WHanganui Chronicle?

Mr Gillespie says the Chronicle is an integral part of the community, and it always strives to reflect that community.

Trouble is, the decision on whether to call the paper the WHanganui Chronicle or the WHanganui Chronicle (or Cronicle, maybe?) won’t be his to make.

The rag is part of the APN Group.

And as the statement says:

A decision to change the name of any of the newspaper mastheads in the APN Group needs to be approved by the board of APN.

In other words, a profit-driven bunch of company directors will make the decision. Alf reckons they will have scant regard for the community and less bottle than Maurice Williamson, the bloke who must decide what to do with the Geographic Board recommendation.

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