Let the community decide

(as dictated to Mrs Grumble)

The boss of Local Government NZ is blessed with the sort of common sense Alf hopes to see shown by Lands Minister Maurice Williamson, when he decides how Wanganui should be spelled.

He issued a statement today headed Let the Wanganui people choose

The statement says

The people of Wanganui should be left to decide for themselves on the spelling of their home town, says Lawrence Yule, President of Local Government New Zealand.

“Given the amount of time and money spent that has already been spent on consulting with the community, our advice to government is to let the people choose.

“Local government is built on the principles of local autonomy and local choice and the clear and resounding preference from the people of Wanganui should be respected,” he adds.

“The process they adopted to reach their decision was an entirely democratic one which should be upheld. We are hopeful that this will be acknowledged by the Land Information Minister and that he will ensure this basic principle remains intact.”

That’s where Alf sits on the matter.

He is astonished that a community’s wishes can be over-ridden by an outfit like the Geographic Board, made up of a few bureaucrats plus – lord knows why – a mountaineer and somone batting for Ngai Tahu.

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