Maori student leaders oppose freedom of association

(as dictated to Mrs Grumble)

Maori Tertiary students are opposing the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill and urge the National Party Caucus to support the status quo, according to Jacqualene Poutu, a big cheese in the National Māori Tertiary Students Association.

We may suppose this really means that Poutu and a few others will be opposing the Bill. There must be some Maori students out there who don’t give a shit, one way or the other, and some who would enthusiastically support Sir Roger.

Or for some curious reasons unknown to Alf, do all Maori students support the principle of compulsory membership?

Alf is bound to say he finds this Poutu creature a bit of a raver.

“Māori are constantly challenged by barriers in the education sector. Fair, consistent representation for Māori Students by Māori Students enables their voice to be heard and received without intrusion, interference or conflict from external parties” said Poutu

“The National government have expressed previously that they would like better outcomes for Māori in education. TMA questions how this view is possible if they take the reliable tools we have, this being our voice and the right to express our autonomy” said Poutu

“TMA questions why our Treaty Partner would even consider this bill, when the government’s protection of Māori people is clearly stated in the Preamble, and every article of the Treaty of Waitangi, found in both the English and Māori texts” said Poutu.

“Māori students will be severely disadvantaged if this Bill becomes law. Te Mana Akonga will fight against this bill to ensure that Māori students voices can continue to be heard in the tertiary education sector,“ concludes Poutu.

So what is this dastardly chunk of legislation designed to do?

The Education (Freedom of Association) Billwould make student associations voluntary.


Not freedom of association – please don’t give our Maori the luxury of freedom of association.

That seems to be the war whoop of the pathetic Poutu.

She and her members – obviously – would much prefer young Maori were denied any opportunity to decide for themselves what outfits they join and fund.

They will fight to deny them that right.

This strikes Alf as a curious way to give expression to the ideal of Maori independence.

2 Responses to Maori student leaders oppose freedom of association

  1. Annitta Nin says:

    It has been commmon knowledge that if a group works as one then the purchasing power has more influence.

    Quite frankly your comments are offensive and proves that you do not know all the facts in hand but as it is your right to voice your emotion.You also show a lack of integrity.

    You have chosen to vent them in this forum.

    Naturally someone who is working to benefit maori in an industry which requires commitment and cooperation from the crown and education facilities will recieve criticism.

    Your language is offensive and defintely shows a lack of integrity.

    But all things considered I know she works long hours and her passion is to make sure the our people have the right to pursue tertiary education and she will not be put off by people who care for noone but themselves constantly

    • Alf Grumble says:

      This splenetic response from Annitta Nin succeeds in letting Alf know he has been offensive, but it fails utterly to explain why Maori students should be denied the right to associate with whom they choose.

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