Are Gisborne folk more prone to fart attacks?

(as dictated to Mrs Grumble)

Supermarkets and fruiterers seem unlikely to prosper from kiwifruit sales in Gisborne, now that one of the kiwifruit’s health properties has been publicly aired.

Alf makes this observation after scanning a list of the national news headingsat the NZ Herald’s web-site today.

He learned:

* Kiwifruit may help flatulence

This was followed immediately by

* Gisborne folk love to let rip

If that’s what they love doing, accordingly, they are unlikely to want to consume a product that will diminish their fun.

Mind you, without reading the article, you might be tempted to believe the “help” kiwifruit provides is to facilitate the production of flatulence, rather than suppress it. In that case, kiwifruit sales will soar in Gisborne.

But no.

Up to one in five men and one in four women suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), with flatulence and constipation among common symptoms.

The fruit contains an enzyme called zyactinase, and a small study has shown it could provide relief for IBS sufferers.

“People think of kiwifruit for constipation but it also seemed to be quite good for general irritable bowel,” said gastroenterologist Dr Russell Walmsley, who worked on the research.

There’s mention of a survey to fortify faith in the fart-fighting properties of kiwifruit.

The survey saw Walmesley contact 36 regular users of Phloe, a kiwifruit-based bowel health product.

Twenty-one fitted the profile of IBS sufferers and many of them said Phloe eased their symptoms.

Melanie Palmer, communications manager for kiwifruit marketing company Zespri, said the fruit was known for relieving that “blocked and bloated feeling”.

“Early results show eating green kiwifruit as part of a meal may improve digestion.”

The same survey found that –

Almost three quarters of Gisborne residents surveyed said they experienced flatulence every day.

George FM host and former resident Clarke Gayford said the results showed the honesty of east coasters.

“They’re not afraid to own up to their bodily functions. It’s a badge of pride in Gisborne,” he said.

Alf concludes by observing that his previous posting was headed A whiff of NZ – how would you describe it?

Perhaps a separate competition should be conducted for the best descriptions of the olfactory essence of cities like Rotorua and – now it seems – Gisborne.

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