Mallard in a muddle again

(as dictated to Mrs Grumble)

Trevor Mallard yet again has demonstrated why he rates among the great plonkers of politics.

He has issued a silly media statement headed Government drops ball on Rugby World Cup

The statement was prompted by the Herald’s report that Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples has given his blessing for Te Puni Kokiri to sink up to $3 million into Maori Television to support its bid for the free-to-air rights to broadcast the Cup.

He should have camouflaged his confusion by tossing the statement into his rubbish bin instead of publishing it.

He says –

The Government’s hapless interference in the Rugby World Cup broadcast rights bidding process smacks of a foreboding lack of co-ordination around the event, says Labour’s Rugby World Cup spokesperson Trevor Mallard.

But in the very next breath he concedes –

“It appears Dr Sharples hasn’t even consulted his Cabinet colleagues. The move is inappropriate and plain stupid on a number of fronts and the public should be worried,” Trevor Mallard says.

So how come “the Government” – rather than Potty Pita – is being accused of hapless interference?

Mind you, Pita’s rush of blood to the head does raise sneaking doubts on the matter of co-ordination.

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