Let’s toss idiots in with the criminals

Can’t say too many of Alf’s constituents in the fabulously law-abiding community of Eketahuna will quibble with one of the proposals being aired to help the financially troubled Accident Compensation Commission.

According to Radio NZ, people injured while committing a crime should no longer expect long-term support” from the ACC under proposed changes.

Can’t see why the criminal classes should be given any support, actually.

ACC chairman John Judge will present proposals for levy increases and entitlement cutbacks on Wednesday, while new legislation is introduced to Parliament.

Areas under scrutiny include continued support for ‘sensitive claims’, earnings assessments for seasonal and casual workers, and claims for workplace mental injury.

One aspect of eligibility that will change is the long term financial support of someone injured while committing a crime.

At present someone convicted of murder, or in jail, can’t claim ACC.

Radio New Zealand political staff say it’s understood the law will be tightened to cover other criminals.

It should be tightened to cover idiots, too, whose injuries are self-inflicted. Example: the bloke who finished up in intensive care (and very costly care to taxpayers) after a car surfing mishap.

Alf is encouraging his mates in the Eketahuna Club to draw up a list of other ragbags who should be denied ACC help for their hard-working MP to take to Wellington.

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