The curious dislocation of Clare Curran

The Labour Party’s Clare Curran is gurgling today after discovering that Lords of the Blog has a posting about Red Alert.

Curran describes Lords of the Blog as a cross parliamentary blog from the House of Lords, which only goes to show she has no grasp of the importance of the hyphen in a compound adjective.

No, it is not a blog for cross parliamentarians. It is a cross-parliamentary blog, which means parliamentarians of various stripes contribute to its contents.

Anyway, Clare carries on –

Interesting little discussion about us. More about our parliamentary system, rather than what we Labour MPs actually talk about. Feels a bit like being interesting specimens under the microscope.

Kiwiblog has got all excited about Lords of the Blog. I think that’s because DPF would seriously like those on the other side of the House to be expressing themselves more via cyberspace. Fair enough. Challenge!

Dunno if “excited” necessarily describes Kiwiblog’s condition when he posted on Lords of the Blog. Here’s what he said (and NB his oh-so-helpful use of the hyphen in cross-party) –

Now this is very cool – the House of Lords has a cross-party blog – Lords of the Blog. There are a dozen peers blogging there from all three parties.

Would be great to have such a blog in New Zealand. You could actually have MPs debating issues in front of us, with us able to contribute. I’ll add it to my list of long-term projects.

The challenge of course is to get Government MPs (regardless of party) to participate.

The Lords of the Blog, by the way, had this to say about Red Alert –

It appears we are not alone. There is another blog by parliamentarians. In this case, though, it is confined to one party. Labour MPs in New Zealand contribute to a blog. We can claim to retain our unique status in that we are cross-party. We also differ from the New Zealand blog in that we are members of a second chamber. New Zealand cannot compete in that respect – it is a unicameral system. And the blog in question doesn’t have fetching pictures of those who contribute to it.

It’s a good point, the one about fetching pictures. But if you look at your typical Labour MP (as Alf must do across the debating chamber), you can understand why the buggers aren’t too keen to post their pictures along with their potty ideas.

Can’t think which is uglier, come to think of it. A Labour politician, or a Labour politician’s perspective.

We get a glimpse of the way this perspective can become warped, more than somewhat, in the response which Clare Curran sent to the Lords of the Blog item about Red Alert.

Among other things, she says –

I am an electorate MP from the seat of Dunedin South, at the bottom of the South Island.

Alf is surprised there has been no thundering of outrage from the Busted Blonde at Roarprawn. BB – of course – comes from Bluff, which is roughly 200 kilometres below Dunedin South.

It’s not that much further away as the crow flies, sure, but Dunedin is sitting at around 45.50S and Bluff Harbour is at 46.36S.

We know Labour is prone to take a bit of latitude with its debating style, but this much latitude …?

Nah. Clare has been caught spouting bullshit.

4 Responses to The curious dislocation of Clare Curran

  1. Steelykc says:

    Perhaps Clare was using ‘bottom’ in a purely metonymic sense, as in ‘the bottom half’. Or maybe it’s her use of the preposition ‘at’ that offends you? Either way you look at it, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here, as you seem to have consumed all the bullshit yourself….

  2. homepaddock says:

    Alf, just look at the bluewash of the New Zealand heartland. There’s one small red blotch a bit westish of Ekatahuna, but that’s the only spot outside the four main centres which Labour still acknowledges. They think New Zealand ends where the blue bits start.

  3. Alf Grumble says:

    In response to Steelykc, let’s see. When you are the Labour Party’s communications and IT spokesperson, but you haven’t got to grips with grammatical basics like compound adjectives, are you likely to know what a metonymy looks like, let alone know how to drop one neatly into a blog??? Perhaps that’s indeed what she was doing. Homepaddock has the more likely explanation: Labour politicians think NZ ends where the blue bits start.

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