Two very different ways of shedding flab

Alf got a big chuckle from his mates in the Eketahuna Club when he brandished copies of a great post by Cactus Kate on the Fundamental Differences Between ACT and the Maori Party.

It kicks off by drawing a contrast between ACT’s belief in hard work and discipline to succeed at something in life and the Maori Party’s propensity to take short cuts.

To illustrate this it cites (and pictures) the once-rotund Rodney Hide, who trimmed down the hard way. Through determination and exercise.

The Maori Party’s lard-laden Tariana Turia is taking the quick route: she will have surgery to staple her ample kai-crammed gut.

Wonder who will pick up the tab for her dropping her flab?

Another contrast:

The ACT Party wish ACC changes to benefit all New Zealanders

The Maori Party see the changes as a chance for more Maori troughing.

The Maori Party will not rule out supporting moves to open accident compensation to competition, saying it could benefit Maori providers and have a flow-on effect to Maori workers.

And so on.

Alf reckons Kate’s post should be reproduced and mailed to every voter in the country, not to promote ACT per se, because he is a true-blue Nat, but to let folk see the sorts of behaviour and policy thinking that passes muster within the Maori Party.

Mind you, he recognsies that such a mailout would have to be done at his own expense. Kate would go spare if she learned Alf had taken advantage of his taxpayer-funded mailing perks to spread the word, even when it’s her word that he is spreading.

He will suffice by sticking a copy of her item on the notice board at the Eketahuna Club.

UPDATE: Regarding Alf’s musing on who will pay for the tummy stapling job, the Herald reported the operation would be done privately.

3 Responses to Two very different ways of shedding flab

  1. cowbell says:

    Hang on

    Wasn’t there an ACT mp that had a stomach-stapling operation, with money she stole from a children’s charity?

    Or was she in National?

  2. Cactus Kate says:

    Even went to Court to kick her out of the Party. It’s in the post.

    The Herald can report Tariana is paying for it privately all they want, I’d still be checking the proof.

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