Kipping down in cattle class

Good grief – how many makeovers can Air NZ undergo before it finishes up looking like that recently deceased sadsack, Michael Jackson.

Alf poses this question on learning that just three years on from its previous branding overhaul, Air New Zealand is reviewing its uniform and livery.

More interesting, it is looking into possibilities for economy passengers to sleep comfortably on flights.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported yesterday that the airline would be the first in the world to offer economy passengers the chance to buy the seat next to them for about $150 extra if it was empty.

The two seats would slide forward to be used as a bed.

The newspaper said the airline was reluctant to reveal details until it announced the relaunch of its aircraft interiors before the arrival of several Boeing 777-330ER jets next year.

Group general manager international airline Ed Sims said yesterday that speculation Air NZ was launching a lie-flat economy-class bed was “misleading” but research was well underway.

“While improving personal space and allowing our economy passengers to sleep flat remains our Holy Grail, we are still in the middle of a research and development process to deliver the world’s best long-haul travel.”

Alf hopes something comes of this idea. We can save taxpayers a bundle by having our jet-setting cabinet ministers travel cattle class, but – yep, they should have a good kip on longer journeys – be ready to spring a few more bucks for the second seat.

Certainly the Labour lot should only travel down the back when chewing up public money. If Air NZ advertised which seats the buggers were travelling in, nobody would want the seat next to them anyway.

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