Getting to the guts of stress and its cure

Alf didn’t feel a hint of stress, when scribbling these words. Hence he concludes we Kiwis are unlike Poms in our work habits and susceptibility to stress (although he recognises the statistical frailty of his logic).

But why might he have felt stressed?

Because he settled down behind his PC some 45 minutes ago, a bad time for stress among the Brits.

Nearly half of British workers say that the moment in the week when they feel most stressed is just before lunch on Tuesday.

That, anyway, is the finding of a survey by the makers of a health supplement called Bimuno. They polled 3,000 adults and found that most workers coast through Monday getting their brain in gear and catching up with gossip from the weekend.

But everything comes to a head at about 11.45am the next day.

Graham Waters, of Bimuno-maker Clasado, says people generally begin to feel their workload and stress levels are getting on top of them by Tuesday.

The survey also suggests that one in five employees will leave the office late on a Tuesday as they work after hours to salvage their week.

Dunno if the workplace is any more demanding in Britain than in this country, or if Poms are simply that much more delicate than we Kiwis.

But Alf can tell you it is very much in the interests of the makers of Bimuno to have you believe you might be feeling stressed.

Their website invites you to inquire into the health of your gut and to ask if it ready to play its role in your immune system.

Are you:

under stress?

eating a poor diet?

taking antibiotics?

a traveller?

All of the above have an impact on your overall health and may compromise your immune system because these factors can cause your good and bad bacteria to get out of balance.

Bimuno to the rescue!

The added benefits of Bimuno promote a healthy gut balance. A healthy gut balance strengthens the immune system and helps improve overall health. If you want to manage your gut health and boost your levels of good bacteria, you may benefit from Bimuno.

Alf did not answer yes to any of the questions posed by the Bimuno people, although he might have fibbed about his diet. If he had answered yes, he would have taken his usual medicine to get his gut back to rights.

They dispense it with water and/or ice at the Eketahuna Club and in Bellamys.

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