Nah, give the bloody grinch a break

The Dom-Post must think its readers are stupid. Its editors might be, but Alf – for one – knows better than to believe that…

The grinch – in the guise of the recession – has stolen the capital’s free Christmas Day bus services.

Free bus travel stolen by a grinch? Bollocks.

Worse, stolen by a grinch disguised as a recession?

That bullshit is the Dom-Post’s pathetic substitute for hard facts.

The reality is that a highly-paid executive – or a team of the buggers – would have made the decision resulting in the news that:

Christmas revellers have been able to travel free on Wellington’s buses for close to a decade, but that gift will not be offered this year.

The policy change will affect NZ Bus services in Wellington and Auckland.

Zane Fulljames, general manager of operations for Go Wellington, said the company could no longer afford to offer free travel for a day.

“We have offered free fares on Christmas Day, despite not being required to do so, for as long as we have operated bus services,” he said.

“Providing travel for free is a significant cost to the business that we find we cannot continue to absorb.”

Newlands Coach Services spokesman Geoff Norman said his company had also decided to charge full fares on Christmas Day after hearing of the NZ Bus policy.

Alf loves it. The spokesman didn’t make a decision. Nor did his boss. His company did…blah, blah, blah.

But it’s better than attributing responsibility to a bloody grinch.

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