Stepping up the war on boy racers

An organic car crusher - or how to win Green Party support for our policies to get rid of boy racers.

Some heartening numbers emerged in the House yesterday, after party colleague Nicky Wagner asked Police Minister Crusher Collins about recent steps taken to protect New Zealand communities from the dangerous behaviour of boy racers.

Crusher – of course – could say that on 1 December two new street racing laws came into effect.

These laws have given the police, the courts, and councils new tools to crack down on boy racers. Repeat street racing offenders can now have their cars impounded, seized, sold, or crushed. They can receive demerit points for noise offences. Councils can also bring in by-laws to ban the cruising of city streets.

So what actions have police taken following the passing of boy racer legislation?

Hon JUDITH COLLINS: Police have been highly visible over the weekend throughout the country. In Christchurch a special police operation resulted in six cars being impounded, 52 unsafe vehicles being taken off the road, and 80 young drivers called up for breaching licence conditions. These new laws are part of this Government’s focus on making our communities safer for families.

That boorish bugger Brendon Burns then popped up to ask why the latest two laws do nothing to cut noise exhaust levels as repeatedly promised by National in Opposition?

Crusher crushed him by pointing out that the laws relating to noise levels are not part of the Minister of Police’s jurisdiction. Burns should put down the question for the appropriate Minister on that particular issue.

Then Nicky Wagner followed up to inquire what other steps have taken place to protect communities in the Christchurch area that have been particularly plagued by boy racers?

Hon JUDITH COLLINS: I am delighted to report that the new Canterbury police antisocial road-user team has achieved outstanding results in its first 3 months of operation. It has impounded 48 vehicles, made 33 arrests, suspended 30 licences, issued 185 non-operation orders, prosecuted 25 drink-drivers, and attended 12 vehicle crashes. In addition, it has issued more than 2,200 infringement and offence notices in just 3 months.

Oh, and if the Greens want to follow up, they will find a bit more information about the organic car crusher at flickr dot com.

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