How can you avoid the traffic jams when you return from holiday? By living in Eketahuna

There are many good reasons for living in Eketahuna. Among them, you don’t get caught up in traffic jams when you drive home from holiday.

Alf accordingly is feeling smug this morning as he reads of the advice being doled out to holidaymakers heading back to Auckland today. They are being urged to take a different route to avoid one of the most heavily congested roads at this time of the year.

And, presumably, to avoid going down with a dose of road rage.

Heavy traffic on State Highway One just north of Auckland has been building since yesterday, as people head back to town in time for work tomorrow.

But the NZ Transport Agency last night urged people to travel on SH16 – expected to be significantly less busy.

“There’s around 13,500 vehicles coming back into Auckland so people should plan to arrive back in town early in the morning or after 6pm,” a spokesman said last night.

Inspector Heather Wells, the road policing manager for Counties Manukau, is urging drivers to be patient on the roads. She said several accidents during the same period last year were caused by frustrated drivers heading back from holiday.

Alf will be drivng up to Pahiatua some time today. Then he will drive home. And he will not get stuck in a traffic jam.

One Response to How can you avoid the traffic jams when you return from holiday? By living in Eketahuna

  1. I was up that way yesterday (Mt Bruce)- no traffic jams seen!

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