Hi-jinx at the Hilton and a teenage girl’s babbling about a Brooke’s bum pass

The Fijian police’s response to allegations against former All Robin Brooke is fascinating. They say it is too early to say if he will be charged … they are still investigating the incident.

So how does the former All Black lock find himself offside with a teenager?

An Auckland girl, 15, has claimed that Brooke touched her backside twice on New Year’s Eve while holidaying at the Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa on Denarau Island.

Touching girls on the bottom doesn’t rate high on Alf’s list of crimes that deserve severe penalties. If this girl took such a complaint to the cops while holidaying in Rome, she would be laughed out of the police station.

But Brooke presumably is embarrassed by the publicity surrounding the story because he did not return Herald calls yesterday.

The girl, from Ponsonby, had worked part-time to save her airfare to Fiji to stay with a schoolfriend whose father, Philip Buckleton, owns Beachside Resort at Nadi.

The girls were sitting next to the pool when Brooke walked past and grabbed one on the buttocks.

Mr Buckleton claimed that after Brooke repeated his actions, a teenage boy with the group pleaded with him to stop.

The Herald on Sunday reported that the teenager, Jordan, claimed that while trying to intervene Brooke grabbed him by the throat and threw him on to a deckchair.

Mr Buckleton said security guards did not go to the girl’s aid, even when told what was happening. “In Fiji, the All Blacks are treated like gods.”

Mr Buckleton contacted the tourist police, who took a statement and an assault complaint from Jordan, and gave the case to the Namaka police.

According to the Herald, Brooke approached the girl later in the day …

to try to reconcile but the girl was too angry to speak to him. Jordan also met Brooke several days later. He said the former rugby player was apologetic.

The girl’s mother told the Herald on Sunday that it had been an upsetting experience, and they wanted Brooke to make amends. “We don’t want him to get a criminal conviction but we want him to give our daughter a sincere apology,” she said.

Come again…

Alf gets the impression he was trying to do something like that but the girl rebuffed his attempts to sort things out. Because of her anger.

But the more fascinating bit of the story for Alf is the time being taken by the Fijian cops to investigate the allegations.

Betcha if Brooke had stood up in the resort bar and loudly proclaimed that Barmy Banana is a bullying dictator and that democracy should be restored to the country, he would have been banged up real fast.

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