Yep, it’s duplicity sure enough when the stroppy Popatas win the approval of a vulpine professor

Dunno what fishing has to with it.

The Popatas should be picked up by the police and dragged from the plot they are occupying at Taipa in the Far North. Full stop.

But it’s the prospect of a bloody fishing competition that has galvanised Shane Jones to think about the matter and indulge in a bit of tub-thumping.

According to the Herald

Labour MP Shane Jones says John Key should intervene in a Far North land occupation before thousands attend a fishing competition at the end of the month.

Land at Taipa which is up for sale is being occupied by two brothers, John and Wikatana Popata, who assaulted the Prime Minister at Waitangi last year.

The occupation is likely still to be in progress when the Lions Club hold its annual fishing competition.

“Why should people who want to come and fish and have an enjoyable day with their children be held hostage by a small disaffected group who do not represent the feelings of Maori in the north,” said Mr Jones.

Another question needs asking: why should the stroppy pair not have been imprisoned for a long time for assaulting the prime minister?

If the bloody judge had imposed the proper penalty for an offence against the person of our prime minister, the Popatas would now be occupying a much more appropriate piece of real estate for serial trouble-makers. A prison cell.

And were they to lay claim to it, Alf would say that’s fine with him, then lock the buggers inside and tell them they can have it. For life.

The Herald goes on to say it found four aggressive dogs tied up at intervals along the front of the old camping grounds where the testosterone-inflated twosome are now defying the law.

Wikatana Popata said that while the pig dogs looked ferocious, they weren’t a danger to the public.

“They look vicious but if you let them, they’ll suck your hands.”

Down to the bone after biting them off, Alf imagines.

Alf goes right along with Jones – it must be said – when he criticises Ngati Kahu leadership.

Jones has singled out Professor Margaret Mutu for the “duplicitous” backing of the occupation while working towards settlement with the Crown.

Yep. The artful Madam Mutu will be turning up this weekend to sign one of those tiresome Treaty of Waitangi agreements in principle with the Crown and four other Far North tribes this weekend.

But the other day she said she would only sign grudgingly.

That’s not all she said.

Ms Mutu praised protesters, led by John and Wikatana Popata, who have taken down real estate agents’ signs at a Taipa property and are living on it. The Popata brothers were convicted in June last year of assaulting Mr Key at Te Tii Marae on February 5.

Ms Mutu said John Popata, 33, and Wikatana Popata, 19, were “good boys”. “And if we say to them enough is enough [and they should stop the protest], they will do it.”

But they are not going to say enough is enough – are they? – which tells us they are just as complicit in the land protest as the repulsive Popatas.

One Response to Yep, it’s duplicity sure enough when the stroppy Popatas win the approval of a vulpine professor

  1. jackp says:

    with all the land concessions Maori are getting, why don’t they just buy the land. Or perhaps the two brothers should get a job and buy it. This way, they would be more respected. I wish I had the money, I would buy it, then have them thrown off. John Key says nothing. He is distancing himself from the bad news and identifying with the good news. This is a trick Helen Clark mastered. He is a true disappointment.

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