Damn – today’s warbling tells us there’s still life (but not much sense) in the Alliance

Great news for ornithologists with a political bent. The Lesser Warbling Alliance is not extinct.

A member of this strange species was heard warbling – about whales, of all things – this morning.

Conservationists probably will clamour to protect the wee rascal, but Alf regards it as a pest.

He did not have his shotgun handy by his bed. Otherwise he would have had a go at silencing the bugger before it flitted off.

The warbling came from Alliance Party fisheries spokesperson Trevor Hanson who says

…Sea Shepherd and likeminded organisations are doing what 90% of New Zealanders want, using whatever means at their disposal to stop the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean.

He says the recent incident where a New Zealand registered vessel the Ady Gil was rammed and sunk is part of this process.

The warbler is obviously a tad constipated, because it failed to successfully shit on National’s handling of the come-to between Japanese whale catchers and protesters.

Hanson seems to think we haven’t done enough.

Moreover, he says official investigations by New Zealand agencies are diversions because of the length of time they will take.

He called for all whaling in the Southern Ocean to cease.

But even if that is a good idea, how do we go about it?

The options are few.

Hanson agrees with this, in effect, when he says –

…protestors who have put life and limb at risk to stop the obnoxious practise of killing whales are doing the only thing possible to bring this practise to an end.

If that is the only thing possible to bring the practice to an end, and if Hanson is hellbent on saving the bloody whale, then his obligation is plain.

Alf suggests he take a good supply of seasick pills and – because the first brush with a Japanese whaling ship is sure to sort out his constipation – a change of underpants.

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