Wanna hear a Stand Up comedian? Then listen to James Sleep and laugh at his silly politicking

Alf has just had his attention drawn to some nonsense published in the name of the Youth Union Movement.

The fledgling lefties – who operate under the name Stand Up – are squawking about the Government’s plans to screw a few more bucks out of issuing driver licences.

The New Zealand youth union movement, Stand Up, is calling on the Government to consider young people, especially young workers, before increasing the cost of driver licences.

Stand Up Convener James Sleep says the Government’s latest announcement is yet another move which will have a negative impact on the mobility of young people.

“With the Government’s expressed interest in raising the driving age, along with a hike in ACC levies, this is yet another cost that young people will have to bear,” said Sleep.

Actually, the proposals are intended to impose another cost on everybody who gets a driver’s licence. So it’s another cost that ALL people will have to bear.

Don’t let it be said a National government would discriminate against young people.

But if it did, a case can be made fo targeting young people – more particularly young bucks – because of their grim track record in accident statistics.

As for the cost burden, the buggers probably get the money for their motoring antics from mum and dad anyway.

Sleep nevertheless wails about the Government’s proposed changes being simply unfair

They may cause young people “to opt out of paying for additional driver training, such as defensive driving courses, because they simply can’t afford it.”

“Many young people across the country rely on their licence and car to access work, education and community activity. The Government’s proposed license price hikes will only make it harder for young people to do so,” Sleep concluded.

It will also make it harder for young tearaways to get the licences that enable them to join their mates in boy-racing jaunts or other hooning activities.

As for the union convener in this case, Alf draws the attention of his readers to the bugger’s surname.


He should not be allowed to drive.

The reason is obvious: every time he does, he is a Sleep at the wheel.

2 Responses to Wanna hear a Stand Up comedian? Then listen to James Sleep and laugh at his silly politicking

  1. That ain’t comedy!

    It’s not nice to laugh at the mentally ill!

  2. Steven Whitland says:

    Hmmm….As someone who doesn’t usually comment, I have to say, I think Sleep is on the right track with this one.

    When I was 18 I waited out quite a while as $80 was far too expensive to get my licence at the time. I was working at a retail store and had rent, food, power etc to pay for. So at the time I decided to just walk and not drive.

    After reading the full media release, I think the youth union movement (which I have just looked into and found that it’s the youth wing of the Council of Trade Unions) are right to comment from the perspective of a particular group of people which these changes will hurt the most..that being young people. Surely there’s no denying that young people go through the driver licencing system more than the older person. From their point of view, it will hurt the people they speak on behalf of which are young workers.

    Also, this is another move the Government is making which will add yet another cost to young people who are trying to get fully qualified on the road. The answer to the high crash statistic is not discouragement…it’s simply education.
    I think you should stick to the issues, not the personality attacks. Quite pathetic really.

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