Maybe we should raise the zero-alcohol limit much higher (but not high enough to zap old farts)

Hurrah – Alf is right behind moves to lift the minimum driving age by one year to 16.

It’s happening under a Government road safety strategy to be unveiled tomorrow, says the NZ Herald.

Alf is delighted, too, that the restricted driving test will be toughened, to encourage youngsters to spend more time practising under supervision before going solo.

There’s better news to come.

And all drivers aged under 20 face a zero alcohol limit, but with some leniency for those found with just tiny traces in their blood.

But the Government has put off a decision on the adult alcohol limit.

Quite right.

Alf’s only quibble here is that he would lift the zero-alcohol limit to around age 40. Maybe higher.

Just so long as it does not embrace old farts like him.

Underpinning the change is the reality that –

New Zealand youngsters are 60 per cent more likely than their Australian counterparts to die in crashes – a comparison seen by Transport Minister Steven Joyce as “a sad indictment.”

They suffer an average of about 21 deaths a year for every 100,000 in their age group, compared with Australia’s rate of 13.

At least some of the young buggers who are killed on the roads are doing us a favour by removing themselves from the planet and from the human gene pool.

But many of them – fair to say – are innocent victims, too.

Lifting the driving age even further would do no harm and probably a lot of good.

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