Seer or sucker: David Clendon has a strange vision of Maori being denied the vote in the Super City

The Green Party’s David Clendon – the bloke who took over from Sue Bradford as an MP – is laying claim to the gift of

Dunno if his technique involves prodding the guts of chickens, like the seers of old.

Whatever it is, he sees a future in which Maori in Auckland are stripped of the democratic rights enjoyed by the rest of us.

A media statement issued in Clendon’s name says –

A lack of Māori representation at all levels of the Super City is going to be detrimental to the future of Auckland, the Green Party said today.

But we haven’t had the first election yet – have we?

That being so, Maori have every chance of being represented.

It simply requires Maori to get out and vote for the person they want to represent them. That’s how the system works.

Oh, and here’s the icing on the cake: Maori can stand for office, too. If enough voters support them, they will become councillors.

Good, eh, this democracy thing?

But Clendon – who has made it into Parliament via the party list, by the way – seems to think something else is happening.

“By denying adequate Māori representation at all levels of the Super City, Mr Hide has guaranteed further unnecessary economic and social barriers to achieving the stated goals of reforming Auckland’s governance,” Green Party Super City Spokesperson David Clendon said.

“Māori are already major land holders and economic players in Auckland, and that will only increase as the Tiriti* settlement process unfolds. If Mr Hide’s goal is to alienate a major powerhouse for future development in Auckland, then he is doing a fantastic job.

“It just makes sense, in terms of economic management and social well-being, to include local iwi and hapu at a representative level in the decision making process.”

“This major restructuring of Auckland has ignored Tiriti obligations. Uneven boundary changes and forced Council Controlled Organisations will decrease representation in the Super City, not least of all for Māori.

“One in four Māori live in Auckland so Tiriti needs to be respected and not ignored.

One in four, eh?

That should help their prospects in a fair fight for seats.

But then we are told –

“Māori stand to lose their voice in Auckland if Mr Hide does not take steps to ensure adequate representation,” said Mr Clendon.

This is bewildering.

Alf can not see anything to suggest Hide will be taking away their entitlement to stand for office and to vote.

Anyway, he is suspicious of prophets, seers and what-have-you. In his experience they tend to be weird or a bit potty.

Just like Greenies, come to think of it.


* The bugger can’t spell. Maybe he means ‘treaty’. Or ‘titty’.

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