All Saints? Nope – these science students were more like a bunch of young devils who tempted a teacher to retaliate

Alf is greatly cheered by news that today’s generation of brats don’t get away with it every time they try to bully, defy or provoke their teachers.

What’s more, he is delighted to learn from a report on Stuff that the jury system is alive and well, at least in Britain.

A British teacher who bludgeoned an abusive pupil over the head with a dumbbell during a lesson, shouting “die, die die,” has been cleared of attempted murder.

Peter Harvey, 50, fractured the 14-year-old boy’s skull after the child swore at him during a science lesson last July.

At first blush, walloping the brat over the head with a dumbbell for swearing might seem a tad extreme.

But there was much more to it.

Some of the class wanted to taunt the teacher, who had just returned from sick leave for depression and stress, to provoke an angry reaction which they planned to film secretly.

Alf would have had a go at the whole bloody class in those circumstances.

As things turned out, the jury took less than two hours to clear the father-of-two of attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Obviously it accepted the defence barrister’s claim that Harvey was not thinking rationally so could have had no intention of seriously harming or killing the boy.

Witnesses testified to his good character during a 25-year career.

Harvey, who has spent eight months in prison on remand awaiting trial, did admit a charge of grievous bodily harm

He attacked the boy with a 3kg weight during a lesson at the wonderfully misnamed All Saints’ Roman Catholic School in Mansfield.

Alf reckons it would be hard to find one saint there.

Jurors heard during the four-day trial that pupils at the school were trying to irritate Harvey so his reaction could be caught on a camcorder secretly operated by a girl pupil.

The children intended to pass the footage around the school to humiliate their teacher, the court heard.

Harvey’s defence was that he was ill and had been driven to breaking point by an unruly class of badly behaved pupils.

Defence lawyer Rex Tedd said Harvey was in such a heightened mental state when he hit the boy, a known troublemaker, he could not have intended to kill or seriously harm him.

Chances are they were not all saints on the jury, either, but they were a wonderfully sensible bunch.

The same goes for the judge.

“Common sense has prevailed now we have heard all the evidence,” said Judge Michael Stokes.

“I am not going to send you to prison. This court is looking to impose a community order which will assist you with the problems that you have had.”

According to The Times, prosecutors later released CCTV footage of pupils’ reactions to the moment that their teacher struck the brat.

Schoolchildren in blazers and ties are seen rushing from their class to watch Peter Harvey, unseen on camera, attacking the 14-year-old boy. They then retreat and a dumbbell is flung through the doorway. An agitated Harvey leaves the room and hovers in the corridor before several other adults come into view.

The footage formed part of the evidence at the trial.

We learn a bit more about the foul-mouthed 14-year-old who was bopped with a dumbbell, too.

The boy, described during the trial as a “leading light” when it came to causing trouble, had earlier been sword-fighting with a wooden metre rule and playing volleyball with scrunched-up bits of paper. Then, when Harvey tried to wrestle a bunsen burner stand from him, he told his teacher to “f*** off”, an act that “lit the blue touch paper”.

The CCTV footage was released by the Crown Prosecution Service in response to media requests, but it did not release video shot on a hand-held camcorder smuggled into the class by a girl.

Alf eagerly awaits news of what the prosecutors now do to the brats who provoked not only Harvey’s attack, but also the loss of his career.

This would not have happened when Alf was a lad. Teachers in those days were allowed to give miscreants six of the best on the backside with a cane.

The PC brigade has disarmed the teachers, taking away their canes and their straps and inviting the brats to rule the class-room roost. Crazy.

The remarkable thing is that there are so few teachers driven to depression, as happened to the unfortunate Peter Harvey.

2 Responses to All Saints? Nope – these science students were more like a bunch of young devils who tempted a teacher to retaliate

  1. pmofnz says:

    “The remarkable thing is that there are so few teachers driven to depression…”

    No, the depression manifests in others ways. They vote left.

  2. Anon says:

    “The remarkable thing is that there are so few teachers driven to depression”

    Really? In the last month alone I have met few ex-teachers who quit because of some sort of depression due to their job.

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