What nonsense is this at Internal Affairs? Oh, yes – they have been made to look pathetic by a Maori mum

Talking about increasingly craven demands for PC language and behaviour (as Alf was doing with his previous post), the SOLO site is always worth a visit as an antidote.

Its motto is “say what you mean, and mean what you say”.

Libertarian Lindsay Perigo has taken up the Andy Haden matter, describing Murray McCully as “Rugby World Cup Commissar—a position that shouldn’t exist…”

McCully (says Perigo) met with former All Black Andy Haden “to tell him to pull his head in.

Governments, according to McCully, exist to run Rugby World Cups and tell people what to think.

But Alf was much more taken by an earlier item, which followed up on an issue raised the other day by the splendid Cactus Kate.

Kate’s ire was triggered by the Herald’s news that the Department of Internal Affairs had apologised to a Maori mother after it admitted failing to deliver services contingent to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

It also promised to send its staff on a cultural awareness course run by her Marae.

Rowyne Peters complained to the department in February after her request for Maori support was denied during the passport application process of her 19-year-old son

Cactus Kate quite rightly demands: Did we really vote for this

Yes, welcome to New Zealand 2010 where the Department of Internal Affairs has rolled over on its yellow belly and APOLOGISED to a random silly first name syndromed Maori for:

“failing to deliver services contingent to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi”.

You have to be fucking joking?

Cactus Kate is appropriately scathing:

Hello what was Mummy doing with a 19 year old in the first place? Can’t he fill in his own form?

Tell me what possible assistance a middle class Maori would require to fill in a bloody passport form for a 19 year old? The passport form is available in both English and Maori and if the woman was smart enough to know about and read the Treaty Principles on the wall she was smart enough to fill in the damn form in English or Maori.

She’s got a post graduate diploma in Business according to this website and this one.

For God’s sake the website is even in Maori. The pandering to Maori interests is an A+ already.

The only possible reason I can think of is that the form requests information about a deceased relative of the 19 year old such as a next of kin. Even then the process is very simple, you follow the form and provide a death certificate or reason in the application.

I am sure hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders have managed quite adequately in doing so before Rowyne Peters arrived on the scene.

But the much greater disgrace was pandering to the woman by attending a hui in the Maori suburb of Epsom and promising to send staff to the Marae for extra tuition in sympathising to Maori while filling in a State form for a passport.

Can someone put in an Official Information Request to find out precisely how much it has cost the taxpayer to pander to this insipid woman who seems to specialise in special interest Maori pushing agendas all over town?

A bloke called Philip Duck takes up the issue on the Solo site today.

He, too, wonders how come Rowyne Peters and her offspring couldn’t get to grips with the paperwork required for a passport application without state assistance.

But much more fundamentally, he wonders if Maori are a whole lot smarter than the rest of us.

It is, after all, the rest of New Zealand’s population that sits back mutely and allows the greedy and grubby taxpayer-funded Maori gravy-train to keep rolling on. Now that’s dumb.

Yep. It is.

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