Come back Guy Fawkes – a “no” vote with gunpowder would be a blast in this silly Youth Parliament

We've got another job for you, Guy, so bring your gunpowder.

Alf has spotted the awful news that some sprat – a spotty sprat, no doubt – intends coming to Wellington with his potty preoccupation with republicanism.

Not surprisingly, this sprat is being aided and abetted by the chronic Greenie grouch Keith Locke, who has proudly announced:

Auckland City Youth Councillor and Kings College student, Harry Lusk, representing Green MP Keith Locke at the New Zealand Youth Parliament, will be debating in favour of New Zealand becoming a republic.

“It’s an important issue for my generation. I find it bizarre that our present system precludes a New Zealander being be the head of the New Zealand state”.

The statement goes on to explain that “Mr Lusk” (shouldn’t that be Master Lush?) approached Locke and asked to be his youth MP “because of a shared passion for the republic issue”.

Sounds like he is a pushy little sprat.

The media statement goes on:

“The idea that MPs should focus on ‘more important’ issues rather than the republic debate is nonsense,” says Mr Lusk.

“It should not be pushed to the bottom of the agenda and it won’t be at Youth Parliament. I will be advancing this issue with my fellow Youth MPs”.

Other Greenies should note that this young bugger reckons getting rid of the Queen as our Head of State is more important than their environmental agenda.

As for the silly idea of a Youth Parliament, it is held every three years, which means it is held much too often, although once every 100 years would also be much too often.

It is a national event where these Youth MPs are selected by MPs to do their job for two days.

Doing the jobs of Labour and Green MPs for two days is very easy, of course. At least, doing it as well as the Labour and Green MPs are doing it would be very easy for a product of Kings College.

But it would be just as easy for a four-year-old, and maybe would not be beyond the capabilities of someone younger.

Their roles include debating (and voting on) mock legislation in the chamber and participating in select committees.

“Mock” is an apt word. All legislation introduced by Labour and Green MPs deserves to be mocked.

So do the MPs from those parties.

As for sprats, they are best caught, canned and then scoffed rather than let loose in our Parliament with their silly ideas, which likewise should be subjected to a healthy scoffing.

4 Responses to Come back Guy Fawkes – a “no” vote with gunpowder would be a blast in this silly Youth Parliament

  1. Harry Lusk says:

    I find it amazing that you had so much time to annotate the news article on Scoop! But interesting and motivating to read none the less. By the sound of your views, perhaps you should run for parliament instead of trying to knock young people like me.

    You didn’t even give ANY reasoning as to why we shouldn’t consider republicanism. Most people would see through your petty personal attacks of referring to me as a ‘sprat’. Work on an academic attack, not a children’s one.

  2. Christian Smith says:

    You are a legend. Excellent call. I totally agree with you. Harry Lusk must be such a wanker.

  3. Lewis Holden says:

    The irony is that Guy Fawkes was an absolute monarchist, the group he associated with wanted the kill King James to re-establish Catholicism and abolish the predominantly protestant Parliament…

  4. Alf Grumble says:

    Alf is delighted that Harry Lusk reads his blog, but urges him to dip back into some former posts on the subject of republicanism. He will find that Alf is an unabashed monarchist who accordingly has no time for republicans. Engaging in debate with them would be to give them the oxygen of publicity they need to spread their insidious ideas.

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