Flabbergasted cyclists should dismount and see things from the perspective of a frustrated motorist

Alf has spent a great deal of motoring time muttering about the road behaviour of cyclists who are impeding his progress.

Maybe he has even shouted abuse at the buggers, although he would prefer that his constituents were never made aware of this inclination to do something verging on road rage.

Cyclists are especially irksome on yellow-line stretches. You can’t pass them without breaking the law, which (as a legislator) is something Alf would never do. Hence he must drive behind the cyclists at a pace that is infuriating slow.

Accordingly he has enormous sympathy for the women motorists who are reported today to have been a bit severe on some cyclists, although he would argue you can never be too severe on cyclists.

In this case:

A New Zealand representative cyclist and his Otago teammate are flabbergasted after being driven off the road and abused by two women while on a training ride near Dunedin.

“It’s stranger than fiction,” said Logan Edgar, 19, as he nursed a hand broken in the incident.

He and Shane Melrose, 30, were riding two abreast along Loan Metal Rd towards Outram on Saturday when the incident happened.

It seems the two cyclists about 1pm heard a car approaching.

It began tooting its horn and someone was leaning out the passenger door shouting abuse at them for riding two abreast.

Alf refers his constituents to the Herald report for an account of what happened.

Suffice to say at one point of the encounter this Edgar bloke was caught behind the open car door when a woman got out and began slapping and punching him. Then she threw a bottle at him.

“The woman was going nuts,” he said. “They dragged my bike into the front passenger seat and took off, dragging the bike.”

It was a borrowed bike, valued at $12,000, which is more than Alf is ever likely to fetch if he sells his car.

If you are going to spend that sort of money on a vehicle, he contends, then it and its rider should be capable of going as fast as his car. Otherwise they should be barred from the roads.

The cops somehow have become involved in this southern brouhaha. They should give the women a medal.

3 Responses to Flabbergasted cyclists should dismount and see things from the perspective of a frustrated motorist

  1. nasska says:

    Although living within a large radius of these women would cause sleepless nights the cyclists got off light. Any peddler seen riding two abreast should be immediately hung by the neck to the nearest lamppost. My application for inclusion as a vigilante is in the post.

  2. Oswald Bastable says:

    I was a hard-core cyclist for many years and I used to abuse other pedal-pushers who wanted to ride next to me!

  3. get a like alf says:

    never seen such a shit house blog

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