A pointless pinko post – they scoff at a Young Nat for failing to lower himself to their PC standards

The bloody socialists have seen something preculiar in a Young Nat being unable to answer a ridiculous question.

The Standard has posted an item headed I’d phone a friend but they’re all Young Nats too

Alf supposes the heading is intended to be snide.

But he is utterly bemused by the item posted beneath it.

Halfcaste interviews a selection of Young Nats at their recent conference.

Interviewer: “What’s your favourite tribe?”

Young Nat: “To be honest I don’t have a favourite Maori tribe”

Interviewer: “Top three?”

Young Nat: “Ahh… I don’t think I know…”

Interviewer: “Don’t know any Maori tribes?”

Young Nat: “Noooo… No, hang on, Maori tribes… no sorry…”

So why should a Young Nat – or anyone, come to think of it – be expected to have a favourite tribe?

A favourite coalition partner MP, maybe, such as Pita Sharples.

But a favourite tribe?

The Young Nat similarly can be forgiven when he says he doesn’t know a Maori tribe.

Alf assumes such a Nat has led a perfectly normal life so far without encountering a tribe.

This does not necessarily mean he has not encountered Maori, or does not have Maori friends.

The point of The Standard post therefore is a mystery except, perhaps, to imply that the Young Nat is insufficiently savvy or PC on Maori matters to pass muster with the the socialists, which seems to Alf to be a badge of honour he can wear proudly.

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