Road ragers who denounce Cabinet booze thinking should press for a ban on all motoring

Alf is perplexed by the volume of wailing whipped up by the wowsers in the aftermath of the Cabinet decision on the drink driving thing.

What looks like an eminently sensible decision is being denounced as some sort of failure of leadership.

Some Radio NZ harpie interviewing our splendid Minister of Transport on the matter on Checkpoint last night could not disguise her view that the blood-alcohol limit should be lowered, which makes her a wowser as well as a harpie, and therefore a person with whom marriage would be a disagreeable arrangement.

She was banging on about a lack of leadership.

She is not alone.

Stuff reports today:

The Government’s failure to lower the blood-alcohol limit ignores widespread research that it would save lives, a medical expert says.

Christchurch-based National Addiction Centre director Doug Sellman said yesterday that the failure to drop the limit from 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood to 50mg was “scandalous”.

“I think the most important thing has been missed. [The Government] is saying that people are allowed to drink to over the level of intoxication and then drive. It’s scandalous when you look at the international evidence,” he said.

Although the Government had said it would spend another two years looking into whether to lower the limit, Sellman said, researchers agreed doing it now would save lives.

This Sellman feller is banging on about studies that support the reduction.

He also talks of a Ministry of Transport estimate that reducing the blood-alcohol limit to 50mg could save between 15 and 33 lives, prevent up to 680 injuries and save between $111 million and $238m every year.

But Alf observes that lots of kids get run over in driveways.

Do we hear this Sellman feller calling for a reduction in the length of driveways – or a total ban on them?

Nah. He is fixated with booze.

The smart way to avoid road deaths would be to ban all motoring.

But the public wouldn’t stand for it.

Well, most wouldn’t. Dunno how it would go down with the Checkpoint harpie.

One Response to Road ragers who denounce Cabinet booze thinking should press for a ban on all motoring

  1. nasska says:

    Slightly off topic but would this wretched woman be leading the applause for the Safety Nazis painting double yellow lines over about 25% of SH2. At the rate they are going when overtaking is totally banned it will only be a matter of joining up the dots!

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