If you want to quickly learn Chris Carter’s fate, find an account that cuts out the bullshit

Now this is important - if you don't want Carter kicked out of the party, keep your pink hats on.

Alf is proud to bring you this exclusive picture of the Labour Party bunfight that considered Chris Carter’s future.

He offered it to the Herald on Sunday, but they turned it down.

The sad bastards at the HoS were much more fascinated by Phil Goff’s language after the party meeting broke up.

Their story starts:

“Bullshit,” said Labour leader Phil Goff.

It was a deliberate, planned and thoughtful commentary on questions about the strength of his leadership, and he made it on the same day another nail went in Labour MP Chris Carter’s political coffin.

Goff dropped the BS-bomb after a Labour Party council meeting in Wellington yesterday to discuss the next step in sacking Carter following a botched sabotage attempt on his leadership.

Oh dear.

The namby-pamby HoS is tut-tutting about “a BS bomb” being dropped by Goff.

And so the word “bullshit” has become a “bomb”????

Precious prats.

Let’s put things in context:

Reporters asked whether the time taken to get rid of Carter reflected on Goff’s leadership. He replied: “That’s bullshit. Frankly, that’s just nonsense.”

Alf presumes the HoS was so shell-shocked by the dropping of the BS bomb that it asked Goff about his resort to such heavy stuff.

He replied:

“I said it quite deliberately. It was bullshit. There are rules and we have to follow due process.

“The idea that the delay somehow reflects on my leadership is ridiculous I will be leading Labour through the next election.”

Only after establishing that Goff deliberately used the word “bullshit”, and then making this the important bit of the story, did the HoS bother to bring us the news.

The news is that the council meeting resolved a disciplinary case against Carter and re-opened nominations for the MP’s Te Atatu electorate.

Goff said that the party would write to speaker Lockwood Smith stating that Carter would effectively be an independent MP from tomorrow.

The party planned to tell the speaker it would “sever our parliamentary ties” with Carter.

“The critical thing is he is out of caucus,” said Goff, adding Carter had effectively ended his own career.

A more succinct account of what happened was provided by Radio New Zealand:

Labour is to reopen nominations for the Te Atatu seat, while it goes ahead with disciplinary proceedings against MP Chris Carter.

Mr Carter was suspended from the Labour caucus after trying to undermine party leader Phil Goff by circulating an anonymous letter on 29 July.

A meeting of the party’s council in Wellington on Saturday confirmed that Mr Carter has a case to answer under the party’s disciplinary rules. Possible outcomes include suspension or expulsion.

Mr Carter, who is on sick leave, was not at the meeting but party president Andrew Little says he had representatives there on his behalf.

“They were keen to ensure that there was a good constructive discussion,” Mr Little says.

“We’ve had that. We’ve made our decisions. We expect there will be continuing dialogue.”

So there we have it.

Carter has been cut loose.

Goff’s vocabulary includes the word bullshit.

And it remains for Alf to bring you the picture above of the Labour Party council proceedings.

If you count the pink hats atop the heads of the council members, you will get the impression Carter maybe had more support than Goff is letting on.

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