Who’s that with a spade? Oh, its Phil Goff, headed for the graveyard to dig up a coalition partner

Alf is fairly confident his constituents will all be voting for him at the next election, although he harbours a niggling doubt about a certain party on Newman Road who will go unnamed. The bugger was spotted buying meusli at the local store, a hint – perhaps – that maybe he is a Greenie.

This opens the teeniest possibility that one or two votes might not be cast for Alf. His confidence in being a shoo-in for re-election has been thoroughly fortified, however, by news that Phil Goff says Labour could work with New Zealand First if it needed the numbers to form a government.

It’s fair to say the good people of Eketahuna North, including the local equivalent of the blue-rinse set, will be thoroughly spooked by Goff’s willingness to lie down with someone who has come back from the dead.

It’s also fair to say that Goff will need numbers from a great array of parties, including the Bill and Ben Party and the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party, to become prime minister.

Mind you, the Herald’s story also points out that the Prime Minister recently said he wouldn’t rule out working with NZ First but said it was a decision for closer to the election.

Personally, Alf believes the PM has no intention of working with the Peters party, and he only said it to tease an admission out of Goff.

The ploy succeeded.

Speaking on TV3 political show The Nation this morning, Mr Goff said Labour had worked with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters in the past and could again. Mr Peters was Foreign Minister in the last years of the Helen Clark-led government.

“I think if you’ve got an MMP Parliament and you need to get a majority, you’ve got to consider all options.”

Mr Goff said Mr Peters had good support among elderly people.

“I wouldn’t rule Winston out…I think if he ramps up his campaign there’s every chance he’ll be back in Parliament.”

Mr Goff was also open to the Maori Party; “…look I’ll work with any party in Parliament if it’s for what I see as being the good of New Zealanders and for the values that we believe in”.

The best that can be said of those remarks is that Goff is a tiger for punishment.

Has he forgotten the huge fuss about party funding that landed Peters in big trouble back in 2008 and embarrassed the Clark Government?

And has he forgotten Peters belligerent way of dealing with the controversy?

Frankly, Alf reckons Peters was buried, politically, as a consequence of all that carry-on and his electoral defeat.

And if he wasn’t, well he bloody well should have been.

That bring us to Goff.

When an Opposition leader has to go to a political graveyard to dig up coaltion support, as he is now saying he is prepared to do, his electoral prospects look more than somewhat slim and his judgement dead dodgy.

The dodgy judgement explains why he is in opposition, of course.

Mind you, Alf does not rule out the ability of a dead man to rise from the dead and come to the aid of the Labour Party.

No, he is not for a moment comparing Peters or his comeback skills with those of Jesus Christ. Nor Lazarus.

He is thinking more of Dracula.

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