Prison is the only place for hoons who kill innocent people while fleeing from the police

As a bloke with a few years on the clock, Alf is dismayed that young hooligans are killing off more mature members of our society while fleeing from the police.

The latest case happened last night.

Two elderly people were killed in a car crash during a police chase in Christchurch.

Christchurch, of course, is notorious for having raised a generation of lunatics known as boy racers.

The crash that killed the couple happened about 8.10pm in Fitzgerald Avenue, a notorious street for boy-racers and part of the city’s new anti-cruising zone.

According to Radio NZ:

Police say they began a 30-second pursuit of a car being driven at 90km/h in a 50km/h zone.

The car had no warrant or registration.

Officers say they were some way behind the car when it ran a red light and collided with another vehicle. Two people in that vehicle were killed.

The driver of the car being pursued was taken to hospital.

Police have described the impact as horrific and the crash as 100% preventable.

Alf notes that – according to a Radio New Zealand reporter at the scene last night – a late-model four-wheel-drive was almost completely destroyed.

The other vehicle involved is a boy-racer type car.

Wanna put money on who was driving which vehicle?

Inspector Malcolm Johnston says police do not know why the man failed to stop, but says if he had simply complied two people would be alive.

Inspector Johnston says the man is still in hospital will be spoken to today.

Thirteen people have now died this year following police pursuits.

Alf sees no room for leniency, in cases like this.

When the cops ask you to stop, you stop. Full stop.

If you crash and kill innocent people while fleeing, it is tantamount to murder and should be treated as such.

Alf accordingly has scant sympathy for the young woman who popped up on TV3 to bleat about being hard done by,

A drunk-driver who killed a Blenheim grandmother when she crashed into her vehicle after speeding off from a police checkpoint says she has been judged “quite harshly” by the public.

Blenheim woman Frances Stubbs made the comment during an interview on TV3 current affairs show Campbell Live last night.

Stubbs, 20, killed 51-year-old Penelope Phillips when she crashed into her vehicle at the roundabout intersection of Nelson and Hutcheson streets in Blenheim in March. She was sentenced last week to eight months’ home detention, 160 hours’ community work and disqualified from driving for 3 1/2years for drunk-driving causing death.

She was lucky.

If Alf had been the judge, she would now be behind bars.

Dunno why the local newspaper would want to talk to her.

Nor does he know why TV3 bothered broadcasting her thoughts about the police or the rest of what was the outcome of her own stupidity.

Was it to show that some people who kill innocent grandmothers are decent people at heart?

Stubbs has declined numerous interview requests from The Marlborough Express but during a pre-recorded interview screened on Campbell Live last night said she had received amazing support from friends and family.

However, the public reaction had been different. She had been judged harshly, but had expected that, she said.

“People tend to look at the crime, not the person.”

That’s as it should be.

If you hoon off at high speed when the cops find you have failed a breath test, and you kill an innocent person during the chase, you should to to jail, just as Stubbs expected.

Asked if she understood she had done something stupid, foolish and selfish, Stubbs said she did.

She had expected to go to jail.

“I did do a really stupid, selfish thing, but it was a mistake. I’m going to try and make something good come from it, and I’m going to learn from it and hopefully become a better person from it.”

Stubbs said she thought everything would be fine when she made the decision to drive to a party after drinking four RTDs [ready-to-drink alcohol mixes].

“I thought … I would just do it the one time and it would be fine.”
She could not say what went through her mind when she failed the breath test and sped away from police. “I just put my foot down and ran away basically … I just tried to go as fast as I could to get away from the police.”

She did not know her speed but said she was going “pretty fast”.

The moment in hospital when her father told her Mrs Phillips had died was “probably the worst” of her life, she said.

She is bloody lucky.

The next worst moment in her life should have been hearing a judge tell her she would be banged up for the next 20 years.

Alf trusts the judge who handles the bugger involved in last night’s high-speed road deaths isn’t so namby-pamby, when it comes to sentencing.

2 Responses to Prison is the only place for hoons who kill innocent people while fleeing from the police

  1. gravedodger says:

    Alf, a couple of points.
    Kuri Tutae was speeding on Ferry Rd., a semi arterial ( old road to Sumner and Lyttleton through Woolston. A narrow congested Street best described as chaotic most of the time. Ferry Rd leads into Fitzgerald Av where he ran the red and took out the two pensioners who incidently were very close to their home.
    Ms Stubbs was a stupid first offender and if we accept restorative justice, was treated within the parameters of that modern approach. Kuri on the other hand was “known to Police” with all the connotations that implies, was a disqualified driver and in a car with no rego or current WOF and ran a red light.
    Some enlightened individual elsewhere has promoted an offense of “reckless manslaughter’ for such as the case here and I would commend it to you and the others you have influence over. Calls for a murder charge are bull sh*t as proving intent to kill is impossible but a charge of causing death by a reckless act would take about two minutes of court time. Then he can be a plaything for Bubba at Paparoa for a few months/years.

  2. […] a post on the Christchurch killings the other day, Alf said he saw no room for leniency, in cases like this. When the cops ask you to stop, you stop. Full […]

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