Sri Lanka can keep sending the stuff for a morning brew but boat people are another cup of tea

Alf has been left wondering about the intelligence of Sri Lankan boat people.

He recalls Rob Muldoon’s remark about New Zealanders emigrating to Australia – they were lifting the average IQs of both countries.

Many of those who left Sri Lanka to try to come to NZ in the past decade certainly would have been boosting the average IQ of their home country. They may well have lifted Australia’s average IQ, too, if they made it as far as that country and had been allowed to settle there (although the Aussies take a strong exception to dusky-skinned refugee-seekers and boat people and strongly resist their attempts to land).

The socio-economic consequences of these people coming to NZ – on the other hand – could only have been dire.

They would have dragged the average IQ down to seriously stupid levels.

Alf anticipates howls of outrage at these remarks, along with accusations from the namby-pamby brigade, leftists and other assorted tossers that he is a racist.

He refutes this claptrap.

And he is adamant we do not need exhaustive IQ tests among Kiwis, Aussies, stay-at-home Sri Lankans and Sri Lankan boat people to generate the empirical evidence demanded by smart-arses with a university degree and an aptitude for ignoring the blindingly obvious.

The evidence is to be found in today’s Dom-Post.

Sri Lankan people-smugglers have been trying to ship asylum seekers to New Zealand since at least 2002, according to reports issued by Prime Minister John Key.

Authorities in Sri Lanka and Australia have headed off at least five attempts to send boats to New Zealand, including a load of 50 people intercepted in the Torres Strait, north of Australia, in March last year and another stopped in East Timor in 2002.

Three other attempts to get from Sri Lanka to New Zealand have either been stopped before leaving or soon after, according to details passed to Mr Key’s office by police. There were no reports of people-smugglers intercepted while trying to get to New Zealand from other destinations.

And there we have it.

Many of these boat-people buggers were so lacking in the smarts department that they tried to come here WHILE HELEN CLARK WAS PRIME MINISTER AND WE HAD A LABOUR-LED GOVERNMENT.

Alf rests his case.

The boat people who want to come here and live under John Key’s National-led government, on the other hand, may be assumed to be of higher intelligence. Their aspirations to become Kiwis raise a different set of issues which Alf is no mood to address this morning.

Except to say Mrs Grumble is concerned that if too many Sri Lankans bugger off to other countries, too few will remain to grow and harvest the tea that makes her day at breakfast time.

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