McVicar could learn one thing from the boy racers – how to get there faster with his press statements

Alf is chuffed to be getting support from the Sensible Sentencing Trust.

The trust says drivers who kill while attempting to outrun police should be charged with murder.

This is what Alf had been saying, although he was given no credit for his oh-so-sensible thinking by the trust.

The call comes after a driver trying to outrun Police crashed while running a red light killing two innocent people.

Trust Spokesman Garth McVicar said that in such cases the driver of the fleeing vehicle must be charged with murder.

“The responsibility and blame must be put where it belongs, these drivers are making conscious decisions to try and outrun the Police, they must be held fully accountable for their actions.”

McVicar – like Alf – is bothered by the screwball mentality that heaps blame on the cops in these cases.

Mr. McVicar said while the Police have been tied in knots with rules around police chases it had sent the wrong signals to those prepared to try and run.

“Rather than continually hampering the Police and questioning their tactics we need to ensure that those who attempt to outrun Police know that they will be treated as escaping criminals – with consequences to match – and if they kill someone – they must know they will be charged with murder.”

“We would like to see this start with the Police making an example of the Christchurch criminal who killed two innocent people while trying to escape Police.”

“We want to see this criminal charged with murder.”

In a post on the Christchurch killings the other day, Alf said he saw no room for leniency, in cases like this.

When the cops ask you to stop, you stop. Full stop.

If you crash and kill innocent people while fleeing, it is tantamount to murder and should be treated as such.

Just one thing puzzles Alf: he wonders why it took the trust so long to set out its thinking.

Alf was on the case more than 24 hours earlier.

If you are to get the jump on the namby-pamby critics of the police for daring to chase ratbags on wheels, you have to shift into top gear much faster. That’s something McVicar could usefully learn from the boy racers and other road hogs.

One Response to McVicar could learn one thing from the boy racers – how to get there faster with his press statements

  1. from the Crime Act:
    167. Murder defined—Culpable homicide is murder in each of the following cases:
    (a) If the offender means to cause the death of the person killed:
    (b) If the offender means to cause to the person killed any bodily injury that is known to the offender to be likely to cause death, and is reckless whether death ensues or not:
    (c) If the offender means to cause death, or, being so reckless as aforesaid, means to cause such bodily injury as aforesaid to one person, and by accident or mistake kills another person, though he does not mean to hurt the person killed:
    (d) If the offender for any unlawful object does an act that he knows to be likely to cause death, and thereby kills any person, though he may have desired that his object should be effected without hurting any one.
    Cf. 1908, No. 32, s. 182

    167 (d), to this lay-person, suggests that MURDER has been committed.

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