When it comes to rockin’, rollin’ and quakin’, Jerry Lee does it better than the Beach Boys

Alf has yet to grips with the extent of the damage done and harm caused by the Christchurch earthquake. But he has been listening to Radio NZ’s National station, which earlier this morning was doing a great job of reporting on the event.

For now, he will refer his constituents to a Homepaddock post, where Ele tells us how the the earth moved for her.

The quake has been downgraded to 7.1 on the Richter Scale but RadioNZ National which is doing an earthquake special is just broadcasting Christchurch mayor Bob Parker declaring a state of emergency in the city.

So far just two reports of serious injuries to people but there is massive damage to buildings and infrastructure including water and sewerage pipes.

She also gives credit to an item posted by Keeping Stock:

So the rumour that God had invested in South Canterbury Finance must be true.

Alf was alerated to the quake when he awoke to the National Station, which was playing something from the Beach Boys’ repertoire: Good Vibrations.

At the end of the song the presenter mentioned the quake, and before long the station’s news team was doing a splendid job of providing coverage through the special programme mentioned by Ele.

Alf doesn’t think much of the Beach Boys, for what it’s worth, and moreover he reckons Good Vibrations is not appropriate for a 7.1 quake. It more aptly should be played to promote the foot massage gadget which Mrs Grumble bought Alf for his birthday a year or so back.

Or one of those dildo things.

Alf is a Jerry Lee Lewis fan and would have recommended we be alerted to the quake with something like Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going on.

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