Talking about fat – isn’t that a fitting word to describe Michael Laws’ mouth?

Alf shares David Farrar’s disapproval of Radio host Michael Laws for calling Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand a “large, fat man” who has “never left” the buffet table.

The absurdity of the remark is obvious to a clear-thinking bloke like Alf: most New Zealanders have seen photos of Sir Anand at functions, such as investiture ceremonies, where he is nowhere near a buffet table.

He has to leave the buffet table to do the paper work that turns bills into laws.

And while Alf has not actually seen the GG in bed, he imagines he does sleep in one, and not on a buffet tble.

And so on…

In short, Laws has been lean on facts and obese on fatuousness.

We must wonder about his bosses at RadioLive who say they are comfortable with what he said.

Media commentator Brian Edwards is reported as saying the remarks lacked good taste and decency.

Indeed, they do.

Farrar says of Laws’ ludicrous remarks:

They may not be racist,but they are lacking in decency. Sir Anand has performed his duties very well, and without controversy. He has done nothing to deserve such nastiness. And especially nasty is the fact that unlike most NZers, Sir Anand can not respond.

There have been some former GGs I have had misgivings about – the ones who take stances on political issues. But Sir Anand has behaved as impartially and neutrally as you would expect from a former Judge and Ombudsman.

By coincidence I got to meet Sir Anand a couple of days after his appointment was announced, as I was the guest speaker at the Wellington Central Rotary Club, of which he is (and remains) a member. It was very obvious he was held in high esteem by the club members, who were of course delighted with his appointment.

With the combination of Henry and Laws, I’m tempted to say that perhaps the PM should just re-appoint Sir Anand to a second five-year term.

Alf could live with that.

But we must wonder about malcontents in the community who have taken the matter to the Race Relations Commissioner, Joris the Bray.

The RRC describes the comments as “disgusting” and in “poor taste”.

They are.

But having said so, the RCC has surely disqualified himself from dispassionately considering the complaints.

More to the point, why should he be involved in a barney over someone calling someone else a fatty?

Racism clearly is involved in another broadcaster’s remarks about the GG.

But Alf is not persuaded by the wailing of two Wellington students, Narita Chandra and Niki Singh.

They have given more mileage to TVNZ Breakfast Show host Paul Henry’s racial comments.

They say the remarks

have stripped them of their national identity and led to a barrage of abuse on a website they set up to promote a protest they’re holding on Monday.

But whoa.

How could one over-paid loudmouth’s silly utterances on a TV programme strip them of their national identity?

As for the barrage of abuse, this would not have come their way if they had not set up the website which attracted it.

They are organising a rally which will start outside Wellington railway station and head to Parliament and they want Henry to be sacked.

To drum up support for their rally, they set up a Facebook page publicising the event – which has since been bombarded with abusive messages.

“There have been times when me and my colleague have sat down and burst into tears. People have said: ‘You should just go back to your country, Paul Henry is good’,” Ms Chandra said.

“It’s just been like, ‘wow, I didn’t think this was New Zealanders and this was their view’.”

Welcome to the real world, ladies.

All they had to do to was listen to talkback radio.

They would have learned through this – real fast – about the limits to civil discussion, commentary and debate in this country.

The pair are reported to be law students at Victoria University.

Alf advises them to get a better grip on the realities of life before they become practising solicitors.

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