It’s just like Saudi Arabia – you can get stoned legally, so long as you over the age of 18

But how how can you tell if a Southlander is stoned...or is just another Southlander?

Alf has been alerted to another product that is being peddled to sad bastards who want to get stoned.

His personal advice to such people is to head for a country like Saudi Arabia, commit adultery, and be legally stoned.

But it seems you can get legally stoned in this country by smoking Kronic.

An Invercargill mother is complaining that her teenage son came home showing all the signs of being stoned out of his brain after smoking the stuff.

Mind you, in Southland they breed people who look like they are stoned out of their brains pretty well all of the time, although they have consumed nothing more potent than mutton birds, oysters, swedes and Speights.

Kronic seems to be a bit stronger than those Southland delicacies.

Get High, an Aussie website, describes Kronic as a Legal Weed or Marijuana Alternative and “the closest thing to legal weed on the market in the Australia & New Zealand Region”.

Mrs Grumble – asked to do some research on the matter – found it is being sold by The Hempstore Aotearoa for $20 for 1.5 grams.

Their website describes Kronic as a range of high strength, potent incense blends that emit a pleasant, very relaxing smoked when burned.

Kronic is best enjoyed in a pipe (one pinch is usually enough) and will not fail a drug test.

The hempstore site carries a cautionary note: It describes the product as “R18 – for adult use only”.

It also advises users to ensure adequate ventilation and use the product “responsibly”.

An R18 constraint is a challenge to enterprising youngsters, of course, and Kiwi youngsters have taken up this challenge.

A report at Stuff says –

Invercargill schoolkids have been getting stoned on a “legal weed” which is similar to cannabis and is being sold in city stores, concerned parents say.

Two city parents this week told The Southland Times the Night ‘N Day Foodstore on Tay St was selling a product called Kronic, packaged as “pre-rolled joints” to school-aged children.

The manager of the store, Andrew Nicol, is pleading innocence.

It is his store’s policy not to sell Kronic to anyone aged under-18, he said, and he encouraged any parents with concerns to contact him.

The Southland Times has tracked down The Kronic website, which says its smoking products, or “legal weed”, are manufactured in New Zealand and come in a range of “premium legal weed blends, designed for all social situations and herbal smoker levels”.

So how do we know youngsters are getting hold of this stuff.

Because the little buggers have confessed to their parents.

An Invercargill mother said her 16-year-old son had arrived home showing “all the signs of being stoned out of his brain”.

He told his parents he had been smoking Kronic after buying it at the Night `N Day store on Tay St.

Another Invercargill parent said her son arrived home with a Kronic pre-rolled joint and told her that his school mates had been smoking Kronic in groups.

“My main concern is that young kids are getting access to it, that its been readily supplied to the kids and that there seems to be no control over it at all,” the mother said.

Police have received no complaints about Kronic from the public, according to the local police chief.

But Royce Trounson, the manager of an Invercargill party pill shop that sells Kronic says it is a good seller.

Many customers had told him it was stronger than cannabis and he expected the Government to crack down on it, he said. A staffer at Auckland-based company Lightyears Ahead Limited, which manufactures the Kronic products, said shops that sold it were aware it was an R18 product.

The Get High website says it has had quite a few requests from readers to review Kronic.

It reports –

The strength of Kronic has to be experienced to be believed. KRONIC is best described as a Legal Weed or Marijuana Alternative, so called because they are not yet illegal but just a strong as the real deal, KRONIC would be the closest thing to legal weed on the market in the Australia & New Zealand Region. Keep reading for a full KRONIC review.

So what’s in it?

The full list of ingredients in KRONIC can be found on the back of the pack. The herbal blend of ingredients in KRONIC are quite powerful by themselves so it’s no surprise that the overall combination is mind blowing. This is a true Marijuana Alternative. Oh, you can get KRONIC in different flavors we haven’t been able to test them yet…

An how high can a smoker get?

First off, It is strong, take a few rollies of KRONIC and you will be faceless. This is not a legal high to underestimate and think people won’t notice a change in your behavior. What is it like, well I don’t want to compare it to illegal highs but it would be described as a cross between California Poppy (not illegal) and Marijuana. Those of you that have never tried these highs, imagine the feeling relation mixed with sensory disruption and sensation (e.g. shivers up your spline). Would be perfect for a Party, after work or just to relax.

Obviously it is mind-bending stuff, because the writer couldn’t properly spell “spine”.

Alf is by no means tempted to try it.

But he wonders if it mightn’t be the ideal product for some of the Kronic liars who thrive in the business of politics.

2 Responses to It’s just like Saudi Arabia – you can get stoned legally, so long as you over the age of 18

  1. abdul says:

    how can i get some,, if i am in saudi arabia ?

    • Alf Grumble says:

      It helps if you are a woman. Then you simply have to be caught committing adultery – or a crime against chastity – and if the authorities are of a mind, you have a fair chance of being stoned. To death.

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