Pot smoking case raises worrying questions about the regularity of drivers of dangerous goods trucks

Bugger the prunes...a fews snorts of this lot should get things moving.

No shit, Sherlock?

Dunno about that.

Alf gets the strong whiff of something fabricated in a hurry when he reads that a truck driver caught smoking cannabis behind the wheel of a 40-tonne dangerous goods truck says he took the drug to ease constipation.

According to a report at Stuff, this bloke was picked up by police in Blenheim after other motorists allegedly saw him using a bong while driving the rig down State Highway 1 in October.

Alf must confess he had not come across a bong before, and had to get Mrs Grumble to look it up. She tells him that among things, a bong is a water pipe for smoking marijuana, which explains why Alf is utterly unfamiliar with the word.

Anyway, this bloke is a Lawrence Jury, 39, of Picton.

He was found to have cannabis in his blood and this week in Blenheim District Court he admitted charges of possessing cannabis, utensils to smoke cannabis and driving under the influence of drugs.

But he denies smoking while driving.

Nope, he says he had a few “cones” from his Powerade bottle bong while waiting for goods to be loaded on his articulated truck at Picton.

“My opinion on smoking and driving? Mate, you’ve got to be joking. You have to have two hands on the wheel. I’m wiser than that.

“I only had two bongs, enough to relax me.

“I only took the bong with me because I’d been constipated for seven days. When you haven’t been to the toilet for [that long] you start worrying … after two pipes I was quite relieved.”

Alf is bemused.

When he says he was quite relieved – does that mean he emptied his bowels?

The bloke went on to say he believed the constipation was caused by Tramadol, a painkiller he was taking after a shoulder operation.

A longstanding leg injury was also playing up and he decided it was safer to smoke a little cannabis – which he had done off and on for 15 years – than take the medicine.

“Tramadol’s got that much codeine in it, it makes you wander all over the road. It was giving me hot and cold flushes and making me feel nauseous. I’d rather have a pipe or bong to relax the mind than take that stuff and feel like you’ve got a fever.”

It transpires that Jury’s truck was classified as carrying “dangerous goods”.

He has resigned from his driving job.

Alf can say he is mighty relieved to hear this – no shit.

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