You should study Rodney’s cha-cha before recommending ballroom dancing for boosting brain power

It’s just what Alf would expect from a Greenie Mayor. A heap of bilge.

Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown – he learns today from Radio NZ – is encouraging city councillors to pick up activities such as ballroom dancing to help improve their thinking skills.

Ms Wade-Brown has been criticised by some councillors for sending an email encouraging them to sharpen their minds by taking up pastimes such as a new language or dancing.

She told Summer Report she has been reading neuroscientific research which shows physical exercise and learning new skills helps lift brain levels.

Ms Wade-Brown says Wellington is facing some complex issues and some of the discussions held around the table show other councillors aren’t very fast at reading documents.

She obviously forgets that ballroom dancing did bugger all to lift the brain levels of Rodney Hide.

But it did expose him to the world as a tosser, albeit a lesser tosser after his Dancing With The Stars experience than before as a consequence of his shedding a great deal of weight.

Alas, Mrs Grumble – a keen viewer of the programme – remembers his antics because he was forced to hang up his dancing shoes after he dropped his partner and was voted off the contest during the quarter-finals.

At the conclusion of the couple’s cha cha Hide dropped his partner, Krystal Stuart.

The couple were given one out of 10 by each of the judges, with Brendan Cole saying “it was terrible”.

The four out of 40 is the lowest score in the competition’s history.

That’s about how Alf scores the bugger for personality and for politicking, too.

Mind you, it’s arguable whether Hide enjoys his politics, whereas he did admit to enjoying his dancing.

After being given the boot, Hide said he had never had so much fun.

“It’s been tremendous. The public love the show and love people giving it a go,” he said.

“Krystal has been marvellous teaching me. It’s not easy being the best dancer in New Zealand dancing with the worst.”

Perhaps he will tell us he had never had so much fun after the good voters of Epsom give him the boot at this year’s election, although – come to think of it – Epsom is in Auckland, and Aucklanders are not as bright as people elsewhere.

Hide emerged from his dancing contest a lesser man than before, something contrary to the Wellington mayor’s aspirations, surely.

Before Dancing with the Stars, Rodney Hide was a 49-year-old, binge-eating politician who hadn’t done any physical activity for years and weighed in at 132kg. Terrified of making a fool of himself on the show, he exercised and dieted his way down to 115kg, losing another 8kg during filming. After the show, and after winning the Epsom seat in a hard-fought political battle, he decided to get fit and healthy and stay that way for the rest of his life.”

But the slimmed-down version of Rodney Hide has been a bit of a flop, when it comes to political skills.

The Trans Tasman’s editors scored him 4.5 out of 10 in its annual assessment of MPs at the end of 2010.

Their judgement of him is worth repeating –

A dreadful year. He didn’t handle the Heather
Roy and David Garrett debacles at all well.
Often seems to lack the most basic political
management skills, with his party paying the
price. Hasn’t been helped by the destructive
actions of others and it would be difficult to
say ACT deserves to survive. But, to his credit,
Hide stayed focused on his Ministerial roles
throughout these catastrophes and brought in
Auckland’s new council.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn by the mayor of Wellington is to come up with something different than ballroom dancing to smarten up her team.

2 Responses to You should study Rodney’s cha-cha before recommending ballroom dancing for boosting brain power

  1. robertguyton says:

    Think though, of how muddied Rodney’s bthinking would have been without having tripped the lights fantastic!
    Celia’s suggestions are excellent ones – I too would recommend that local body politicians engage in as much physical activity that stimulautes brain activity as is humanly possible.
    You don’t Alf?
    Perhaps some for yourself then!

  2. Alf Grumble says:

    Nah. Alf’s brain power needs stepping down, rather than stepping up (or quick stepping, slow stepping, tangoing or whatever). A few shots of whisky do the trick.

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