Welcome back, the Popatas: Waitangi Day wouldn’t be fun without their researching and interviewing

"Are you ready for my first question, Prime Minister?"

Remember the Popatas, the Far North brothers who assaulted Prime Minister John Key outside a marae two years ago “in a rush of blood” because of their concern over land being confiscated from Maori?

Who could forget them.

First, they are two of our special citizens, thanks to our Govenment signing up to some indigenous peoples nonsense at the United Nations.

Second, they have great jobs: John Junior Popata, 33, described himself as a researcher, and Wikatana Popata, 19, says he is an interviewer.

And third, of course, they roughed up the PM in full view of hundreds of people, admitted the assault – and virtually got off scot-free.

Only in New Zealand, eh?

Because of a namby-pamby tosser of a judge, they were allowed to carry on with their researching and interviewing, because he convicted and sentenced them to 100 hours’ community work.

Since then they have been real busy, with their researching and interviewing. Mostly, they have been researching the pathetic response of the state, whenever they move a Maori mob on to a patch of land and claim it as theirs, which is much too often for Alf’s tolerance levels.

No doubt they then interview each other on the best ways to make a government look even weaker and more pathetic.

They probably interview Maori Party MP Hone Harawira, too, because he is their uncle. Betcha they are real proud of Uncle Hone.

Of course, they were doing things The Maori Way when they assaulted the nation’s leader, and if you do things The Maori Way, you are well on the way to being treated with great leniency.

Actually, if you were a Maori, chances are you thought they were hard done when they had to face charges because – well, as Maori see it, they did nothing wrong.

Alf has a lot of learning to do about Maori hospitality and how to welcome a big-wig on to a marae.

Here’s what NZPA reported after they were sentenced –

One kaumatua, Whare Mehana, said the brothers were participants in the ongoing struggle for recognition under the Treaty of Waitangi.

The transgression was seen as such in statutory law but was not regarded as a transgression in Maori lore (subs: correct), he said.

But as events then demonstrated, Waitangi Day is rich with researching and interviewing opportunities and sure enough the Popata prats – one of them, anyway – were back to do a bit of researching and interviewing when the PM was welcomed to to Te Tii Marae at Waitangi today.

Obviously it was a typical northern Maori welcome, and –

As the party, including Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples, approached the whare a group of protestors with a megaphone began advancing on them calling: “John Key is the enemy, the enemy is amongst us.”

The protestors yelled that Key was responsible for stealing Maori lands in Aotearoa.

An activist who identified himself as Wikatana Popata said: “He is the one responsible for killing and murdering a lot of our people. He is the one responsible for stealing our foreshore.”

So what was the interiewer’s question?

Dunno. Wikatana Popata has a fascinating – or special, perhaps – technique. He yells abuse and (it seems to Alf) hopes to provoke a response.

John Campbell should give it a go.

One Response to Welcome back, the Popatas: Waitangi Day wouldn’t be fun without their researching and interviewing

  1. Of course the simple solution is: don’t go to Te Tii Marae: that’s where all the excrement seems to gather.
    Just focus attendance (and tv coverage) on the Treaty Grounds proper. If publicity is taken away from these self-righteous and oh-so-hard-done-by tossers, they’ll eventually get bored with shouting into the wind, and simply saunter back to the dole queue.

    PhilBee, Albany

    For more thoughts: http://yardyyardyyardy.blogspot.com/2011/02/maori-racism-at-waitangi.html

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