It’ s just as well Kevin Rudd is a good diplomat and won’t give advice to Goff on how to handle the reds

So if Phil can't get any advice from Kevin Rudd, maybe he should consult this bloke.

A bizarre Radio NZ item news item jolted Alf from his sleep.

The nub of it was that former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd was saying he has no leadership advice for Phil Goff.

It went on to report what already was well known – that questions are being raised about the Labour leader’s future because of his handling of the media ruckus over a police investigation involving former list MP Darren Hughes, who resigned on Friday.

If any of Alf’s constituents give a toss about Goff and his possible fate at the hands of his power-hungry caucus colleagues, they can look here and here.

The blogosphere is alive with it too with posts (for example) at Gotcha and Kiwiblog.

Mind you, the aforementioned bloggers are apt to lean to the right.

Where can we go for a more dispassionate rundown on what Goff or his caucus should do?

Oh yes. Let’s track down a tosser like Chris Carter – a bloke with absolutely no political baggage to discolour his judgement – and see what he has to say.

That’s a joke – right?

Well, no. Stuff saw fit to to do just that. If anyone is at all bothered about what he said, they will find it here.

Alf is indifferent on the future of Goff, other than to observe that Phil is looking increasingly like a loser and therefore we Nats should be doing our damndest to keep him in his leadership job.

Alf is also indifferent to the opinions of Mr Rudd.

As it turns out, the Radio NZ news item had absolutely nothing to add to the story, because Rudd prudently kept his counsel.

Visiting Christchurch in his current capacity as foreign minister, he said on Saturday that the first rule of international relations is not to interfere.

The item did not say who was silly enough to ask Rudd the question.

But whoever that person was is somewhat shy in the common sense department.

Let’s face it: Rudd was rolled as the Labor leader and prime minister of Australia by a bloody sheila, Julia Gillard. And a red-headed sheila, at that.

So what was he going to say?

That Phil should watch out for red-heads?

Mind you, maybe that’s not bad advice.

If Goff does lose his leadership because of his handling of the Hughes matter, it’s fair to say that indeed he was rolled by a readhead.

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