Ha – the sheilas at last are admitting they would be happier if they stayed at home

Chances are they are angry, irritable and impatient.

Dunno what the bleating about gender equality is all about.

How do we measure it, exactly? And if we can’t unambiguously do that – as Alf suspects – how do we know we haven’t achieved it yet?

One thing is for sure. So long as we can’t be sure it has been achieved, we will be paying nice salaries to people who have been hired to demand the closing of this awfully vague thing called the gender gap. Now how potty is that, eh?

An example of such a person: the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, Dr Judy McGregor.

She pops up on occasions such the 100th birthday of International Women’s Day to blat about the gap and the need to close it.

This year she was talking about ominous signs that women’s progress has stalled. She said –

“We need young women to be active in speaking up about female unemployment, about the gender pay gap, and about the value of women’s work.

“We also need young women to be standing for local government and for Parliament, and to demand reform of political party selection processes so women have a greater chance of selection for winnable seats.”

This is a bit rich, in light of Labour’s current tinkering with its party list.

Blokes are being given a raw deal.

Alf can understand why Judith Tizard has been by-passed to find a replacement for that Hughes feller.

But having bullied her into stepping aside, the party hierarchy has leap-frogged several blokes to settle on a sheila they find acceptable.

No, they might not be the brightest buggers in the world. But the brightest buggers in the world were never drawn to the Labour Party.

There’s a clear case here for blokes to be complaining to the Human Rights Commission about sex discrimination.

But McGregor hadn’t finished.

She went on to blat about the work-place experiences of young sheilas.

“Among those that do get work, young women are shocked to realise from the first day at work they will be getting anything up to several thousand dollars a year less as a starting salary than an equivalent male, despite their often considerable academic achievements.”

The discovery of the gender pay gap is often the start of their awareness of gender inequality in the workplace.

Oh puh-leeze.

Here’a what we learn today from the Herald (and it should come as no surprise to those like Alf who believe a woman’s place is at home bringing up the sprogs).

Nearly three-quarters of working mothers suffer guilt, with many citing the stress of managing a family and a career, according to an online survey.

The survey of working mothers showed 75 per cent of the 201 who took part worked for financial reasons.

This tells Alf their poor bloody husbands are struggling to earn a decent crust, not enough to maintain their wives and kids in a reasonable standard of living, perhaps because the wives are blowing the money on hair-dos and face-lifts and stuff. Accordingly it’s the blokes who should be bleating about wages.

Alf also notes that 201 responses is a pathetically small sample which (a) critics will say means it is worthless when it comes to telling us anything and (b) remarkably few women were bothered enough about the gender gap to regiser their responses.

But here’s the thing (and bugger the critics who say the sample is too small to yield useful information) –

The online survey by Clarity Coaching showed that 71 per cent of the women experienced some level of guilt. Of those surveyed, 91 per cent cited stress from balancing a family and a career, with 20 per cent of these women citing extreme levels of stress.

So these highly stressed women want to be paid the same money as blokes?

But there’s more.

Clarity Coaching life coach Gabriele Wehler said that for many women, managing stress came down to time management and accepting that they could not do everything.

Wehler said many women she coached felt they did half-hearted jobs at work and mothering their children.

So they admit they are doing only half-hearted jobs.

It’s fair to suggeset, surely, that they should be paid half-hearted wages.

The survey showed that because of stress, 15 per cent of the women had troubled relationships with colleagues, and due to a lack of time almost 75 per cent claimed to feel anger towards themselves and irritation towards their colleagues.

“More than 50 per cent of working mothers felt occasional or regular anger, irritability and impatience towards others at work, with 17 per cent saying they are affected moderately to strongly and 25 per cent not being affected,” the survey said.

“Every second mother felt that stress hinders her ability to enjoy work very strongly and every third mother’s enjoyment of work is negatively influenced by guilt.

At this point it should be all too plain that blokes in the workplace deserve more money than they are getting to compensate them for having to work alongside these regularly angry, irritable and impatient sheilas.

A final finding from the survey: the women said the ideal work/life balance would mean working closer to home and four-day weeks.

Alf has a suggestion that would help them get work very very close to home. He says they should stay there.

But he can’t come up with everything they want. They might have to toil for something a bit more than four days a week.

One Response to Ha – the sheilas at last are admitting they would be happier if they stayed at home

  1. Thing is Alf, women get paid the same as guys for the same job.
    If women will do the same job for less pay, then they will get it instead of the guy.
    It does not pay to discriminate.
    Capitalism is blind to sex, sexuality, race and so on.

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