A day to remember those who gave their lives for us

Rain could be a bit of a dampener.

Alf seems destined to get wet this morning – the weather is not to his liking for the Anzac Day service in the Eketahuna Community Centre.

Yep. The service should be under cover, but returned servicemen, servicewomen, and members of other organisations will be assembling at 9.45am and Alf will be among them.

More exposure to the weather looks likely at the wreath laying ceremony at the War Memorial after the service.

Alf’s dad did his bit for King and Country during World War II and was a staunch member of the RSA afterwards.

He enjoyed meeting up with his old buddies at the crack of dawn on Anzac Day, and he relished the tot of rum or two they shared on those occasions.

Alf knows we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to those who served – and who still serve – in the armed forces. He is preparing a speech to that effect.

Mrs Grumble is busy preparing tucker for the “plate” that is expected to contribute to morning tea after the service. Alf will be obliged to drink tea with his constituents, to be civil, but he happens to have a hip flask in his back pocket and is confident he can sneak a snort or two into his cup.

And when he has done his duty …

Well, the Eketahuna Club is within easy walking distance.

One Response to A day to remember those who gave their lives for us

  1. Oswald Bastable says:

    We all got a good soaking at the Greytown service!

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