Our leaders are putting a safety spin on Bin Laden’s demise, but terrorists will be seeking revenge

It looks like the Government has found a way of saving public money – by sharing spin doctors with Labour.

The evidence for this is to be found in reactions to news that Osama Bin Laden had been bumped off by the Yanks and tossed into the ocean.

A press release from the Labour Party, in the names of Phil Goff and Maryan Street, welcomed confirmation from US President Barack Obama that American forces have killed the terrorist Osama bin Laden during a raid in Pakistan.

“The world is a better and safer place now Osama bin Laden is gone,” said Phil Goff.

“Osama bin Laden is the mastermind behind numerous terrorist attacks carried out around the world. He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people. He founded the jihadist terrorist organisation al-Qaeda and has committed his life to spreading its deadly tentacles across the globe. His death will be a major blow to that organisation and that is something that we should welcome.”

Alf went to the Beehive website to find what The Boss had said on the matter.

In terms of written media statements, the most recent item from Key was a few days old.

It said The Boss had joined the rest of New Zealand in congratulating the New Zealand Breakers on their historic victory over the Cairns Taipans in the Australian National Basketball League.

But Yahoo delivered what Alf wanted to know.

Osama bin Laden was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people including New Zealanders Key said, and the world is a safer place without him.

“While his removal will not necessarily bring an immediate end to terrorist activity, I have absolutely no doubt that the world is a safer place without Osama bin Laden,” Mr Key said.

Well bugger me, Alf muttered.

That’s what Goff said, more or less.

It’s bollocks, of course.

The world is not a safer place, because El Qaedar or Al Qaedar or however you spell it is not a one-man band.

Moreover, the government is only too aware that the buggers will be more than a tad riled at losing their leader.

They will be seeking vengeance.

And so Prime Minister John Key is saying the Government will monitor the risk of international retaliation attacks.

A spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully said the overall travel advice for New Zealanders was to take care at this time.

The ministry was watching the situation closely and looking at what others were doing.

The British and US Governments have also issued warnings for their people to remain vigilant.

Meanwhile, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a warning to all Australians travelling overseas telling them to be aware and take care.

They are advised to avoid mass gatherings and demonstrations.

Alf’s concerns are more clearly spelled out in a Canadian newspaper –

World leaders warned of revenge attacks after Osama bin Laden was killed in a U.S. assault in Pakistan on Monday that brought to a dramatic end the long manhunt for the al-Qaida leader who had become the most powerful symbol of Islamist militancy

Alf accordingly has become extremely vigilant and is musing on building a bomb shelter at the Grumble property in Eketahuna North.

He is disappointed he has been deemed ineligible to be escorted by the diplomatic squad whenver he ducks down to the club.

Oh, but he did notice remarks attributed to the President of the US.

Barack Obama

…declared the world was a safer and “better place” with bin Laden dead.

He obviously phoned The Boss in the Beehive and/or Phil Goff for advice on what he should say.

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