Hone will be trembling, now that the OURNZ Party has put a Pakeha into the fray in Tai Tokerau

It’s great to see a robust Pakeha candidate step up to attract electoral support in Tai Tokerau.

Kelvyn Alp is standing for the OURNZ Party, which describes itself on its website as “the only political party in New Zealand that has a solution based focus”.

OURNZ Party deals with the issues no other parties are willing, or able to publically acknowledge. All OURNZ Party policies are in draft form and await your input. We believe that you, the people, must have a hand in the shaping of your own future. Gone shall be the days when draconian legislation is rammed down your throats.

We must wonder about the party leaders’ confidence, mind you, because visitors are told “This site is the temporary online home of the OURNZ Party.”

But Alf wishes it well.

Kelvyn shapes up admirably as a modern-day Don Quioxote, a fellow who describes himself in the media statement as is no stranger to Maori issues

…having used a Maori passport issued by “The Maori Government of Aotearoa” twice in 2001 to enter the Solomon Islands.

He obviously is a rare form of the Homo sapiens species and should thrive among Hone’s mob in the Far North.

Alf imagines he also is a dab hand at self-publicity who issued the media statement announcing his own candidacy, although it is written in the third person.

But his mission is not as clear as Alf would like it to be:

Kelvyn is also set to target what he called the fiasco surrounding the issues related to Te Tiriti O Waitangi 1840 and The Declaration of Independence 1835. He says “it’s pretty clear cut what should have been in place. Not only are the devious practices and sleight of hand tactics of the so-called “crown” entity responsible, but also the pathetic nature of some Maori that have in effect, sold their souls and dragged their people down with them”.

He further states “If there is one thing I do know for certain, the whole Maori versus Non-Maori myth is nothing more than a perpetrated action to ensure a continued divide. Anyone trying to play that card is quite frankly off their rockers. If you want to know the name of the real enemy then you need look no further than the crown.”

His third-person writing technique (something Alf has been known to employ on occasion) seems calculated to give the impression a journalist or some-such has written the statement after questioning him:

When asked what he had to say to anyone that would question his not being from the area he is to contest, he replied “I believe all representatives to date have been from the area, so how has that worked out for you all so far? You either want solutions or you want egos. I am not aligned to any particular Hapu or Iwi, so can serve all equally. I also know probably more about the system and how it really operates than those that will also contest”.

He says his white skin means nothing to anyone with half a brain and the ability to think. “The system has no skin colour, yet because it was rammed down your throats by “white men”, you will naturally believe it’s the white man’s fault. That is so far off the mark, those that hold that view have left the planet. The system is the enemy and we all suffer from that common enemy. Unfortunately, all of your representatives to date just don’t get it, so how the hell are they going to help you?”

Alf’s suspicions that Kelvyn is great at promoting Kelvyn are supported by a visit to Wikipedia where we find mention of the fellow –

Kelvyn Alp born 27 March 1971, was the leader of the Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand which stood in the 2005 general elections. he also stood for Mayor of Manukau in 2007. He has five children, three boys, two girls, and served in the New Zealand Army from 1995 to 1996.

Alp has attempted to use a “Māori Passport” abroad in an attempt to highlight Māori issues. This practice ended after the New Zealand Labour-led Government threatened to pull allocated school funding in the Solomon Islands.

In 1996 Alp set up the New Zealand Armed Intervention Force as a mercenary organisation, later transforming it into a para-military, anti-banking, pro-people rights movement – although it was referred to in the media as a Māori separatist organisation.[1] It is now defunct.[2]

So who wrote that?

Wikipedia cautions that the item “has been nominated to be checked for its neutrality”.

Oh, and let’s not forget that The Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand promoted greater participation by the people in the decision making of government. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Again, we must wonder who wrote the item about the party at Wikipedia.

It was one of the few parties in New Zealand that openly challenged the current monetary system and actively promoted solutions to irredeemable debt.[1] It aimed to establish a system of binding referendums similar to the Landsgemeinde used in Switzerland for all major decisions.[2] The Party also advocated for a New Zealand Constitution to protect and enshrine the rights and freedoms of the people.[3]

The zinger for Alf in the media statement announcing Kelvyn’s Tai Tokerau ambitions is –

He says he looks forward to the support of all intelligent Maori that will now finally have the opportunity to see the talk walked and not the continuation of lip service as has been evident to date.

Clearly, he is expecting intelligent Maori to flock to his banner. But Alf warns against drawing the conclusion when the votes have been counted that a low vote for him shows there are few intelligent Maori in Tai Tokerau.

The Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand fielded 32 candidates at the 2005 election. They attracted just 782 votes or 0.03% of the total vote.

Kevyn no doubt was pitching then for the votes of intelligent people.

Intelligent people – we may suppose – responded appropriately.


5 Responses to Hone will be trembling, now that the OURNZ Party has put a Pakeha into the fray in Tai Tokerau

  1. Kelvyn Alp says:

    Hi Alf

    I am glad people are still surfing the net looking for any and all information there is to know about me. Let me address the points raised by providing you histories, so you get the correct information first hand and can then refer back to it, whenever you start to get contrary information.

    History: In 2000, I was asked to take a team into the Solomon Islands by Watea Ben Tabusasi (he was the premier of Guadalcanal at the time) as I had been recommended to him and they required protection of a number of key personnel and few tasks carried out. We did just that and continued back and forth to the Solomon Islands. It was at the height of their civil conflict that was pretty much resolved (except for the criminal elements getting out of control under the pretence of the ethnic tension) when RAMSI (Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands) arrived in August 2003 – where they remain there to this day.

    There were many business opportunities apparent in the Solomon Islands that were identified in the course of my involvement there. Knowing what I did about the “real” world and what was planned with deliberated plans to cause economic chaos globally and many politicians being on payrolls over and above those supposedly paid by the people of their country; I decided I would go into gold mining. It was a practical step to take because when you have a monetary collapse, precious metal acts as a store of value. Gold now at over $1,500.00 USD an ounce, compared to what it was when I decided it would be wise, proves I was correct.

    I had the contacts, I understood the people and my business model was fair i.e. I would supply the finance, expertise and equipment and the Landowners would supply the ongoing access to their land and resource and settle all of their own disputes and as a result, we would each enjoy a 50/50% profit share. This was unheard of in the Solomon Islands and upset a few established mining operations and other business that had enjoyed years of ripping off the local population through exploitation etc.

    My business model was heralded by the Government and the people. It was scorned by other businesses and then the PR campaign against me went into overdrive. I mean, who was this Kiwi to enter the country and treat people with respect and integrity? They were going to have none of that. Money started changing hands a quick as a flash. One particular person got paid $100,000.00 just to go public to call me a con-man. Yet to this day, they offer no basis to support that claim. That however, did not matter to them because some would read the media releases and decide it was true.

    I pushed on anyway determined to show that fair business could be done with the people where both sides benefit and I succeeded. Prior to mining operations I was already helping in the country with sports teams’ sponsorship, a local bad called ‘Koe and the native Stonage’ release a single that I wrote called Freedom call and I funded the release of their third album (those of you coming to the policy day will be able to see proof of this). Add to that extensions to medical clinics and helping local communities with a hand up was also done.

    The area I obtained my Gold mining licence through Pheonix International (SI) Limited were given a community package of $1.5M even before mining operations commenced. We have since that time; carried out a trial run of operations to ensure we were satisfied we had the right technique and equipment. As a result, we found deficiencies in both and since then, I have arranged to recapitalise the mining operation without resorting to any bank or financial institutional backing and we shall soon re commence those operations with the right equipment and personal and all shall benefit from it.

    As an aside, we do not use any chemicals in the extraction process and our alluvial mining is environmentally friendly. I even flew a reporter and the geologist to New Zealand to visit alluvial mining operations in the South Island to prove the point. I have been 100% always open and transparent. I guess that is what they do not like?

    At the same time I was undertaking various tasks in the Solomon Islands and getting to know the people, I was also helping Maori in New Zealand and as a result I twice used a Maori Passport issued by the Maori Government in 2001 to enter the Solomon Islands. This caused the New Zealand Government to issue the threat to pull funding for the nations secondary schools if they continued to validate the passport.

    I also visited a number of embassies in other countries to drum up support for recognition of Maori self determination also, yet this unfortunately was not acted on because of the infighting and mana-munching going on within the organisation. I guess they were just not ready to walk their talk like I was doing.

    I was invited by the Foreign Affairs Minister at the time (Danny Philips) to the parliamentary BBQ at Tommy Chans place (now SIR Tommy Chan) where they broke the news. My advice was simple, until they got out from under the economic noose around their necks, they would continue to be dictated too.

    I have since that time created an excellent network of contacts and have carried out other roles for Government there. I was also involved in the intelligence gathering apparatus under the Manasseh Sogavare Government which was a real eye opener.

    Further to that and to attempt to counter the NZ and Australian Government influence I created and funded DDP [Direct Development Party] and had it contest the 2010 General Elections. As a result a good number of senior members of the current Government (the stable ones) are DDP members. My intention was not to interfere, as I was asked to help with policies and information as to how they could free themselves from what is essentially a takeover by foreign powers under the guise of “freedom, democracy and stability” – where have we heard that before?

    Other things you will not hear in the media or from those people that feel they need to embark on a path of character assassination, is the fact that my own family trust – CARATAPA Trust, is responsible for the initial funding and purchase of a building that now sits at Leabank Primary School and operated by POSM Trust (Parents of School in Manurewa), that feeds children before school because many do not have enough to eat. It also provides counselling services, acts as a food bank and resource centre to service the community. The main woman behind that is Angela Opai – a great lady indeed! That is not the only thing we do here in NZ, but again, do you hear anything like that or can you even find that on the net? Of course not, that may show you there is more than meets the eye and you may even think I am a good man.

    Oh and prior to the above of course, I was with the NZ ARMY – 1RNZIR 3 Platoon, Alpha Company – Linton Military Camp. Steven Hawkes, Paul Davis and I had designs for the SAS, they went on to achieve that goal, I, after having a fall out with the military was recruited 3 months later (1996) and inducted into private unit. Missions were undertaken, completed, and then retired. Following that the NZAIF was born from that Unit.

    IN 1998 my brothers and I started the Iron Thunder Motorcycle Club of New Zealand (South Auckland) and to this day I remain a member of that club. We wanted to show that not every club is a criminal organisation and wanted to see community brought back into vogue. The rest, as they say, is history. So that basically is me!

    Anything else you want to know Alf?

    • Alf Grumble says:

      Actually, Alf didn’t want to know much of the stuff contained in Kelvyn Alp’s response, so he will not be asking for more.

  2. Richard says:

    One particular person got paid $100,000.00 just to go public to call me a con-man. Yet to this day, they offer no basis to support that claim.

    Any basis to support your claim Kelvyn?

    Also, are you going to have neo-nazis in this party like you did in your last one?

  3. Kelvyn Alp says:

    Yes Richard, I have proof of my claim unlike many others that prefer to simply write crap about things and people they do not even know.

    If you are referring to Kyle Chapman in terms of your “neo-nazi” remarks, again it seem you simply read others regurgitations as oppossed to what has been stated by me personally.

    Kyle approached me in 2005 and asked to be a part of the party as he said he wanted to make a difference and be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I sated clearly that he would need to leave his past behind and move on. I was not going to sideline him because of his past, After the elections, we parted company and he went his own way and i wish him well.

    We chat once in a blue moon about nothing in particular in a cordial way and if you or anyone else find that offensive, then that speaks more of your own shortcommings than anyone elses.

  4. I want to know if this party stands for all New Zealanders? If so I would give it my vote as I will never voter for any of the mainstream hooligans. I am an elderly person and am aware of the main enemy.
    Government want total control of our lives under the pretense it is for our protection; ha—ha.

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