Blogger raises questions about Martin Devlin’s missus – but does anyone (besides the HoS) give a toss?

Martin Devlin’s missus is among those who have become the subjects of the Herald on Sunday’s inclination to trivial pursuits.

This time the rag’s hacks draw public attention to how she phoned somone during work time (we must suppose they have never used company phones for private business).

Obviously they are short of genuine scandals this week.

Oh, and they have taken this phone call as a frail pretext for publishing – yet again – the sports broadcaster’s photo.

The HoS item which carries the photo (in the on-line version, anyway) is breathlessly headed Devlin’s wife in strife at threats.

Oh dear.

Who is threatening her and why?

Sorry. It’s not quite like that.

And “strife” seems to be a thorougly inappropriate word.

Here’s what it’s about –

TVNZ publicity spokeswoman Andi Brotherston is facing questions over how her work hours are spent after an online spat about husband Martin Devlin.

Questions, eh.

So she is being investigated or asked to explain her behaviour?

Not necessarily, because the rest of the report suggests only that questions have been raised by just one person, a blogger.

Devlin’s missus was sufficiently riled by one of the aforementioned blogger’s posts to pick up a phone (during TVNZ time, apparently) to tell the author what she thought, which boils down to thorough disapproval.

Brotherston rang the Wonderful Now blog after Devlin was met by police following an incident on board a plane.

Blogger Jacqui Sperling made a post over the incident – and then had to deal with an angry Brotherston who threatened legal action over it.

Sperling said she was surprised to get the call during work hours – “he is a big boy who could have rung me if it bothered him”.

It is reasonable to suppose the threat was successful, because if you try to find the post that pissed off Ms Brotherston, you will be advised: Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Wonderful Now does not exist.

Enough to say the item (among other things) advised Devlin take a bit of anger management.

For what it’s worth, we learn from her blog that Jacqui Sperling is female, was born under the Virgo sign and lives in Auckland.

She has little to say about herself, but does highlight a quote from Mother Theresa.

I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.

But let’s get back to Jacqui’s beef with Devlin’s missus.

Sure enough, the HoS has drawn TVNZ’s attention to the matter by asking for comment.

They got their just desserts.

A TVNZ spokeswoman said the broadcaster was aware of the issue. “It’s not an issue of consequence.”


2 Responses to Blogger raises questions about Martin Devlin’s missus – but does anyone (besides the HoS) give a toss?

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I don’t have a “beef with Devlin’s missus” I was as surprised as the next person to hear of the media interest in her phone call to me.

    It was not the HOS that originally phoned me about it. Upon receiving the first phone call regarding it, i was given the impression that there is some investigation going on into how much time Andi spends on Martin’s much needed PR.

    The post was removed because i could not be bothered with the drama – it was not a matter that i really cared about.

    Finally – “have little to say about myself?”

    That’s funny.

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