Suspension looks suspiciously like a reward for student who knocked a teacher unconscious

Alf wants to give a severe caning to the authorities in charge of the Southern Cross School in Mangere.

The buggers have gone soft and wimpy in their handling of a student who knocked a teacher unconscious during a lunch time break at the school.

The teacher was checking corridors at the Southern Cross School in Mangere when he was attacked.

The senior male student was suspended until the school’s board of trustees could discuss further action and consider if police were to be involved, the NZ Herald reported today.

What’s to think about?

Principal Robin Staples said the teacher was monitoring the hallways during a wet day when the student attacked him last Friday.

The teacher was still away from school but was recovering well.

Mr Staples said the school was interviewing students and staff.

Last Friday, it should be noted.

How long does it take to establish what happened?

More important, bearing in mind a teacher was knocked unconscious, how come the cops aren’t doing the investigating?

The report at Stuff notes that another Southern Cross student was suspended after he assaulted a student during a rugby league match with Howick College last Wednesday.

Are we developing a culture of violence?

Not according to the head.

Mr Staples said the school took a “very hard line” on violence and was treating both incidents seriously.

But not seriously enough.

For what it’s worth, the school seems to be part of the Southern Cross campus, which has a website that tells us –

Welcome to Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae. We are a state co-educational, composite school situated in Mangere, Auckland.

We are part of an exciting new educational development called Southern Cross Campus. The Campus consists of Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae (Rumaki Reo, Takawaenga, Tuarua), a Junior School, a Middle School and a Senior School.

The Campus is increasingly integrating all its management, staffing resources and curriculum requirements on to the one site. Our ambition at Southern Cross Campus is to create an effective and high quality “One Stop Education Stop”.

The majority of our students are from a Maori background. At Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae we are developing curriculum pathways in Te Reo Rangatira, Sports, Science, recreation, The Arts, Business Studies and Engineering while emphasising a quality core programme and Academic excellence. Extra curricular activities in Sport, Music, Theatre Sports, Drama and Culture are well supported.

Alf has a suggestion for adding to the curriculum, then ranking it somewhere up near the top.

If anything should be compulsory, this should.

It’s to teach the buggers how to be civil.

Respect for elders should come into it.

The brats won’t get the message if suspension is the price to be paid for beating up a teacher.

Not having to go to school sounds like a reward.

One Response to Suspension looks suspiciously like a reward for student who knocked a teacher unconscious

  1. Moist von Lipwig says:

    I would give a wide berth to any school developing “curriculum pathways “

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