If women were savvier they would see why blokes are so much better at so much

Viva la difference.

Dunno why the bloody lefties persist with their efforts to impose equal pay upon us.

They are at it again this week.

Labour is welcoming moves by Green MP Catherine Delahunty to introduce checks and balances to the Pay Equity Act.

Labour’s Women’s Affairs Spokesperson, Carol Beaumont, is hailing this as a positive initiative in an otherwise negative and outdated environment for gender equity.

The awful reality she prefers to overlook, of course, is that blokes deserve to be paid more than sheilas in many spheres of activity because they are better at it.

Alf had been tempted to say blokes are superior on all fronts, but Mrs Grumble pointed out she is his superior in the washing and ironing department and also with cooking meals, dusting and vacuuming (among other things), largely because he does not get much practice.

Can’t win ’em all.

But blokes like Alf are rejoicing today at news that –

LinkedIn Data Reveals Men Are Savvier Online Professional Networkers Than Women

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 22, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 100 million members worldwide, today released data on the differences between men and women when it comes to networking professionally online.

To declare a winner in this battle of the sexes argument, LinkedIn developed an online professional networking “savviness” ranking. Globally and in the U.S. men are savvier online professional networkers than women.

The sheilas are going to carp about how savviness is defined.

LinkedIn defines online professional networking savviness as a ratio of two things: the ratio of connections that men have to connections that women have and the ratio of male members on LinkedIn to female members.

“Having the right connections can make a difference when it comes to sealing a deal or landing a new client,” said Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s Connection Director and best-selling author of the book, “Girl on Top.”

“Women can sometimes shy away from networking because they associate it with schmoozing or doling out business cards, when in reality, it’s about building relationships before you actually need them.

“Networking in person can be intimidating, so women should look at a site like LinkedIn as a place they can go to cultivate their networking skills.”

This evidence of unequal accomplishments will not deter the loony left, of course.

We blokes must brace for Catherine Delahunty to press on with her Member’s Bill that aims to ensure it is possible to access information about pay rates and test whether gender discrimination exists.

“The individualised nature of most employment agreements has created the situation where knowledge of pay rates within many workplaces is nonexistent. This Bill will change that,” Carol Beaumont said.

“Unequal pay rates are thought to be widespread. The Government’s closing of the Pay and Employment Equity Unit and its failure to implement pay audits has done nothing to rectify that, hence the gender pay gap continues to contribute to lifelong disadvantage to women and their families.

“It impacts on household income and women’s ability to save for their retirement.

The champions of this nonsense will overlook the mischief done if women were paid the same as men even when they happen to be less accomplished.

It that’s not discrimination, what is?

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