It’s knickers to Miss Fancy Pants and more brickbats for Jeremy Clarkson over a Lenny Henry joke

And this is how you should wear your bloomers.

They’re a daft lot, your Poms (except, of course, the Royals).

They will relish publicly embarrassing a woman who has got offside with the hoi-polloi by trying to uphold good manners and basic courtesies.

Yet they will excoriate the splendidly irreverent Jeremy Clarkson for making a comedian the butt of a joke.

The hapless woman has become infamous world-wide for her email about manners in which she criticised her future daughter-in-law for being uncouth.

The Daily Mail accordingly would have delighted in publishing unflattering pictures of her posted on Facebook.

They suggest “Carolyn Bourne may be less stuffy than she first appears, herself enjoying the odd moment of impropriety”.

One shot shows the woman dubbed ‘Miss Fancy Pants’ standing in her kitchen modelling a huge and not exactly flattering pair of bloomers over her trousers.

Another shows six young men standing in her kitchen with their trousers down around their ankles.

Outside the house, Mrs Bourne, 60, is pictured laughing as the men are grouped around her. This time, thankfully, they are clothed but wear awkward grins.

In another photo, Mrs Bourne dances wildly with a 25-year-old fund manager.

The pictures – we are told – were posted by Mrs Bourne’s daughter, 27-year-old Lizzie Whetman.

The photos present a completely different image of the woman whose email to her stepson’s fiancee, Heidi Withers, gave the impression that she was the quintessence of gentility and her Devon home a place where decorum is resolutely upheld.

We are reminded how Mrs Bourne hit the headlines last week because of the email she sent after Miss Withers and her fiance Freddie Bourne, 29, spent the weekend with his father Edward and Mrs Bourne in April.

Angered by her future daughter-in-law’s apparent lack of politeness, Mrs Bourne sent her a list of her faults. She suggested Miss Withers attend a finishing school to get rid of her ‘bad manners’ and described her as ‘an ideal candidate for the Ladette To Lady television series’.

Miss Withers’ father retaliated by describing Mrs Bourne as a ‘snotty Miss Fancy Pants’ who ‘had her head stuck so far up her own arse she doesn’t know whether to speak or fart.’

The row grew when Freddie’s biological mother, Penelope Godfrey, weighed in, insisting Miss Withers was ‘charming’.

But while the Poms are enjoying a good laugh at the expense of Mrs Bourne, they are giving Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson the Alasdair Thompson treatment for making a joke about comic Lenny Henry.

The BBC presenter complained that an energy-saving mode on his new TV made the screen so dark ‘every programme looks like it is being presented by Lenny Henry in a cave.’

Clarkson was accused of ‘crossing the line’ with the jibe in his Saturday newspaper column.

Grenada-born Johnson Beharry, who won a Victoria Cross fighting for Britain in Iraq, is among those railing against the remark.

He told the People newspaper: ‘People think it’s acceptable to poke fun at people without thinking about the consequences.

‘Clarkson needs to be stopped from saying things like this. They legitimise racism.’

Race campaigner Lee Jasper branded 51-year-old Clarkson’s comment ‘gratuitous’ and claimed it could lead to playground taunts and racist insults in the street.

He added: ‘People think, “Well, if Clarkson can have a joke at the expense of someone’s race then so can I.”‘

Labour MP Dennis McShane said the remark was ‘unpleasant and offensive.’

The much more relevant reaction, of course, would be Lenny Henry’s.

But when Alf last checked, Lenny had not been asked to comment.

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