Yes, a capital gains tax could be beneficial – by helping to reduce the number of Labour MPs

Campaigning for the paw vote.

Another poll, another lift to Alf’s mood (without having to reach for the Scotch).

He blogged on this just the other day and does not intend repeating himself.

Enough to say – as Stuff says today – that time is running out for Labour and Phil Goff 17 weeks out from the election as a new Fairfax Media-Research International Poll shows the party staring down the barrel at its worst result in 15 years.

National continues its extraordinary run of popularity in today’s poll, recording 56 per cent support – enough to comfortably govern alone if the results were repeated on election night in November.

Labour is on 29 per cent support – within a whisker of its worst result under MMP in 1996, when it won just 28.19 per cent of the vote.

So what has its pledge of a capital gains tax done for Labour?

Hah! Bugger all.

No, wait.

It is not without merit.

In fact, the policy is shaping up to bring huge benefits not to Labour, but to the country.

Mind you, these were not the benefits envisioned by its architects, who – if they were in the ship-building business – would have given us the Titanic.

Stuff says –

But on today’s poll – the first since Labour released the details of its tax package – it appears to have had no impact or may even have weakened the party’s support.

On those figures, Labour would lose five of its sitting MPs, including three of its rising stars, Stuart Nash, Kelvin Davis and Carmel Sepuloni.


Clearing the Parliamentary decks of that bunch looks like a national benefit, in Alf’s book.

Translated into seats in Parliament, National would have a monster voting bloc of 71 MPs.

The Greens have the third biggest share of votes on 6 per cent, while ACT and NZ First are level pegging on 2 per cent each.

UnitedFuture, Hone Harawira’s Mana Party and the Maori Party are all registering 1 per cent support or less.

Stuff goes on to tells us a major concern for Labour will be the party’s continuing failure to woo back female voters who have deserted Labour for National under Mr Key.

With Helen Clark as Labour leader, female voters were the party’s secret weapon but National now polls as strongly among female voters as it does among males.

Alf proposed a solution to this problem yesterday: get Goff to wear a burqa.

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