When it comes to relevance, Peters does for politics what pigeons do for the post

After the secrets have been
delivered, you can eat the messenger - but what can be done with Peters?

Alf is confident that none of his party colleagues would ever suspect him of leaking party polling data to Winston Peters.

But just in case – the answer is no, he has not been leaking data and he steers well clear of Peters.

Moreover, he advises his constituents not to bother looking at other Nats for the culprit. Maybe there isn’t one.

He draws attention to Peters’ track record in the credibility department.

More particularly, he draws attention to a post at Kiwiblog which effectively deals with Peters’ pledge that his party will follow the rules on disclosing political donations.

It’s headed Sure we believe you then succinctly spells out the case for disblief.

This is the same Peters who today is reported to have claimed the National Party has a leak, and is sharing the party’s secret poll results with him.

The more critical paragraph says –

The Nats are denying the leak, with party president Peter Goodfellow calling Peters’ claims rubbish.

This apparent pap may well have been prompted by Peters’ party’s pathetic performance in the opinion polls.

In the NZ Herald’s Digipoll survey released yesterday, voters were asked their preferred party if an election were held tomorrow.

NZ First received just 0.9 per cent, compared with National’s 52.3 per cent.

Coincidentally, the Herald on Sunday reports that the NZ First leader told it he has inside knowledge of National’s private polling,

…indicating that while John Key and his party may be doing well in public polls, behind the scenes there was some scepticism about the results.


What the hell does that mean?

Did he say something concrete?

Or did he simply drop a hint?

Let’s see.

Peters reportedly said NZ First routinely fared much better in elections than in political polling, and he did not believe the poll.

Asked whether he did polling himself he said, “Yes, I do. I have access to the internal polling of the National Party as well and they don’t believe their polls – that’s why they’re going into these sordid little deals.”

This presumably is a reference to National’s fielding Paul Goldsmith in the Epsom electorate to focus on the party vote while former Auckland mayor John Banks takes the seat for Act.

When asked who in National was sharing information, Peters laughed and said, “Do you think I’m going to tell you? There are some people in the National Party who still love Winston Peters. And more and more I understand why.”

This is an astonishing claim.

Suffice to say –

Goodfellow responded with a blunt: “This is the type of rubbish we’d expect from Winston. None of it’s true. It’s all part of his on-going campaign to make himself relevant.”

It won’t be easy.

Peters is about as relevant to this year’s election as pigeons are relevant to the modern-day postal business.

But to give Peters his due, perhaps he preens himself more than your average pigeon does.

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