Wainuiomata students – it transpires – are behind a scheme to flush away privacy in the school dunnies

The buggers who go to school here put hygiene ahead of privacy.

They must be a repressive bunch, the buggers in charge of Wainuiomata High School.

Voyeuristic too.

Or so it seemed at first blush.

First blush, of course, was news of security cameras being installed to pry into goings-on in the school dunnies.

Bloody hell.

Today it has come to light that the school is intent not only on suppressing groping and smoking.

Stuff tells us they are intent on dealing a knockout blow to boxing matches, too.

Students holding boxing matches in toilet blocks are among the anti-social behaviours Wainuiomata High School is hoping to curb by installing security cameras.

We learned last week that the school planned to install security cameras in a block of toilets that are in such a mucky state that students regularly go home to use the toilet.

That’s when Alf suspected school authorities of being a heavy-handed lot.

Being heavy-handed with a cane or strap is to be applauded.

Sticking cameras in dunnies sounds like voyeurism.

As things have turned out, it was wrong to suspect the school authorites had gone too far.

The school head today is saying it’s good the camera suggestion came from the pupils themselves…

This is bothersome. It means our school system is spawning a generation of fascists.

Anything goes, from a governmental point of view, so long as the trains run on time and the school dunnies are clean.

It certainly seems the dunnies need a clean-up.

Stuff’s report today tells us –

It was revealed last week that the school planned to install security cameras in a block of toilets that are in such bad state students regularly go home to use the toilet.

This term the school will install cameras in one set of male and female toilets to combat smoking and anti-social behaviour, principal Martin Isberg says.

Year 13 pupil Hayden Yeats, 17, said the toilets were probably in the worst state of repair in his 4 1/2 years at the school, with vandalism, no soap and pupils regularly smoking inside.

In some of the worst incidents, boxing matches were held last year, fires were lit in basins, and one pupil defecated inside a rubbish bin, rather than the toilet, Hayden said.

“I go home if I need to go to the toilet. They’re in such a state … it’s really unhygenic.”

Obviously these kids have been raised in an era when Big Brother is almost everywhere and are not bothered about their loss of privacy.

To the contreary, the Yates kid says-

He and many other students thought the cameras would be “a good step in the road for getting a cleaner environment” and applauded when they learned about it at assembly.

Those who had privacy concerns could use two toilet blocks which would not have cameras installed, he said.

Anyone prepared to put money on where the boxing matches, smoking and what-have-you will now occur?

Whether enough boxing is going on is a moot point.

Mr Isberg said he was aware of only one boxing match and he hoped the cameras would discourage any other anti-social behaviour.

Alf is discomforted by this disclosure.

First, thee should be lots of boxing matches.

Second, they should be properly organised and fought in a proper ring.

The obvious risk of a combatant being knocked into a urinal is distasteful.

If the fights were properly organised and betting permitted, the school authorities could be on to a money-generating winner.

And if they were to raise the dosh that Alf regards as likely, they should consider spending some of it on the socialising value of bike sheds.

In Alf’s day it was the goings-on behind the bike sheds – not the dunnies – that needed monitoring.

He supposes schools nowadays don’t have bike sheds.

And so he is urging building some as an answer to the school’s anti-social behaviour.

If such sheds were provided, the students are bound to go there to do the sorts of things that are prohibited by the school rules.

The dunnies could then be used for the purpose intended.

And now The Boss knows who to promote, next time he is looking for a Minister of Education.

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