Winston Peters’ appeal draws attention to some dicky reporting – maybe – of what he said

Uh, oh. It looks like any prospect of a gold medal going to Winston Peters has become the subject of an appeal.

The NZ First leader denies telling a reporters “God, you dick”, in response to a question about Andrew Williams.

Yesterday he said it was unthinkable that he would use the language described. “I would never call a woman a dick.”

Peters has been given a copy of the tape and duly assembled his own team to pass judgment.

He reckons their view was unanimous – that the actual phrase he used was “crikey dick”.

It was clear to anyone listening that the second vowel was not a “u” sound, he said. “Dissect that second vowel. That’s the key to this argument.”

If there was any dispute, he would hire an expert at his own expense to prove the words were “crikey dick”.

The Fairfax mob reckon they played the tape to four witnesses yesterday, who all heard “you dick”.

Ah, but when told of the dispute, they conceded it could be heard as “crikey dick”.

This, of course, would result in Peters losing points for his performance. “Crikey dick” is nowhere near as vituperative as “God, you dick”.

And let it be noted that Fairfax doesn’t seem to have recorded Peters accurately further down in its report.

Alf drew attention yesterday to his doubts that the NZ First leader would have referred to Williams sending “curse, cogent, on the point text messages…”

If they got “curse” wrong, then maybe they got the dick thing wrong.

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